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    Originally Posted by FiyahKitteh View Post
    I am however planning to - some day - start from S01E01 and watch all the way to the "end". That's one Hell of a task and I know it's going to take me about a life-time but hey, why not! xD
    I've actually done that during these few years. When I get back home I just pust around 25 episodes on a playlist (japanese, english subs), hit play and start working on graphic projects from work with the window semi-transparent in a corner. =P

    But yeah, I stopped watching the TV aired version here around... Koga's gym? I just remember many Venonats...
    Then around 6 years ago, I got finished with schools and ended up with way too much free time while job hunting and such. I picked up the episodes and relived childhood practically in half a year until I couldn't find subs for Hoenn episodes. But by now I'm just waiting for the new episodes as the air in japan.

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