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Ari - The Empress - Mission 1
“Oh, look the tramp!” Annabelle’s voice was surprisingly confident. Ari had a special distaste for newbies like her who thought they possessed the ability to outwit her. The rage within her swelled with every moment that passed between her and Annabelle. "Just so you know, I would go back home until the ball, but they have some swords trying to get me in again."

“I wonder why? Maybe because you can’t enter through a door like a normal child,” Ari emphasized on the word normal to further critic her verbal opponent one who got her far too upset. Ari released her anger that threatened to overwhelm her through her tightly clenched hands, which opened and closed every few seconds.

"I guess that attention isn't much different than yours though. Anyways you have no control over me whatsoever, considering our difference in branches."

“Listen here, brat. I gather attention in a very respectable way, do you want your dead body to gather attention?” Her voice came to a point were her words had trouble getting passed her seething clenched teeth. “I’ve been looking for a new pelt for a coat I’d like to have. How about that mangy mutt of yours?”

"I always like some fresh air, you know how stuffy it can get with all your hot air filling up the room." Annabelle nonchalantly countered her statement while she walked towards the open window. Her obvious exit route through the door was blocked and it seemed she was eager for an leave of absence. "As a matter of fact, I think a nice snack before the ball would do nicely." The girl disappeared out the window, Ari stepped forward to try and stop her but there was movement in the hallway that halted her pursuit. She heard footsteps that clearly belonged to a man one who overheard their conversation.

“Miss Ari, don't pick or try and intimidate new members of our family please.” The words were pushed forward with confidence that the man himself lacked. His that head was deliberately lowered and his fast paced walk were strategies in order to avoid Ari’s vengeful eyes as if those actions protected him from her illusion spells. She began thoughts of ways to trap him in an illusion that was so terrifying he’d only have the strength to blink his eyes after she had finished. Aerous Oxus, Adept of Swords, cardholder of number seventeen The Star, age twenty-five, which meant he was 2+ years her senior. One might not have known he outranked her in years by the way she treated him. He was known for his pure gracefulness with a sword and marvelous physical combat skills, that and for his stupidity. It intrigued her how number seventeen defended cardholder number eighteen as if bounded by duty and card order. Unlike the rest of the Famiglia Ari hesitated to be a fan of his.

“Hey, Aerous, why don’t you go back to school? I still think they have classes for idiocy! Oh, by the way, can you weaklings of Sword learn how to stop measly bank robbers without getting the rest of the Famiglia involved?” Her words were thrown out like daggers but somehow he managed to parry them and then carried on with his business. Aerous had made one crucial mistake that he would now regret.

Anger fumed within Ari, her breath became erratic as she took off down the hallway. As if they warned anyone in the hallways of her presence Ari’s heels stomped into the wooden floors. A look down the hallway revealed a meek Beck who slipped almost unnoticed into his room. Everyone knew, for the most part, if one sibling was in the mansion then they all were. This meant she had little time before an expected interruption would occur. She removed her shoes in order to sneak into Aerous' room but the shower was on so he wouldn't have heard her anyway. As a caution Ari tipped-toed her way in and slowly got in reach of his filthy clothes. She plucked them up as if they held the plague on them and turned to backtrack before she had an idea. The door to the bathroom, which held the shower, was slightly cracked giving her a blurry view of Aerous. Her Arcana Mark flared to life as she casted an illusion of bug larvae squeezing themselves from the cracks in the wall down into the shower. They swarmed to life and multiplied themselves by each second that passed. With his clothes in tow she carefully backtracked her way into the center of his room where she noticed a small lighter. "You sure are flamboyant now!" Ari snickered at her own joke as she dropped Aerous' clothes onto a small fire she had created in his trashcan with the small lighter she found. With that she left the room and leaned on his door in order to hear his reaction before she took off down the hallway unnoticed. Ari headed toward her section of the household where she overheard a nearby conversation that involved a pair of loose-lipped guards. Her smirk returned but her foul mood still overpowered any information that she had gathered.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

The Meta Journey
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