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    Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
    Hey, this thread is still alive. Awesome.

    I think the apocalypse thing is complete BS. No way the Mayans were that sure, no offense meant to them.
    What I don't understand is why people think they stopped on this date because they wanted to. Maybe they just ran out of time? I mean, seriously, chances are that the Spaniards rushed in, and they had just happened to have December 21st marked down.

    Everything else- not happening. NASA has stated that if Nibiru existed (Begin to rant, conspiracy theorists) we would be able to see it by now in the sky- or feel it's effects already, such as the gravity of it. Nuclear wars (yes, I have heard of that one too) can't destroy the world in one day just because we're six days away and tension would be huge at this point. Not to mention the fact that there are people who already have bomb shelters made- they won't die. Remember that day a year or two ago, when I believe May 21st was Judgement Day and people had signs hung up all over the place? And that day passed and nothing big happened? Exactly. And-

    Lemme stop right there. Like Bloodex said, this apocalypse thing is BS.
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