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I've been in a Sonic mood lately. Just picked up Generations 3D. It's pretty swell. o3o
Not as good as the HD version obviously, but it's still pretty nice.

What is your most favorite Zone out all the Sonic Games so Far? Top 3 and from which game?
1. Chaos Angel Zone [Sonic Advance 3]
2. Seaside Hill Zone [Sonic Heroes]
3. Water Palace Zone [Sonic Rush]

Who is your favorite villain?
Sonic villains have never been all that memorable to me, especially since most of them are Eggman. xD;
I always liked Metal Sonic, I guess! I've always found his design really cool, especially when I was younger. o3o

What Sonic game do you believe is overrated and why?
Haha, I don't know. Adventure 2? Never played that, so I can't really say anything. xD;
I guess Sonic Generations. It IS a fantastic game, don't get me wrong. Buuut, I feel as though the main reason why people like it so much is because it has zones that they really loved from all the past games. It did have great level design and music, though. I just think that people should save all their gushing for a truly new and good Sonic game.

I also think that Unleashed is sorta underrated. I donno. I really liked that game. xD;
The Werehog stages weren't so bad... I suppose. xDD;;