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I'm at Nimbasa, and this is the first time I am typing this... I had to make a decision as to whether to keep Tranquill or Growlithe so Trapinch could join... I ended up getting rid of Growlithe as Flygon can learn Flamethrower through a TM.

Current team (White 2):

Previous pokemon that were on my team:

Growlithe I already mentioned... Patrat, Purrloin and Sewaddle were temporary until I found better Pokemon, but Azumarill, had really poor attack and Special Attack. Was replaced by my Pokemon Black's Gothita through a trade.

Btw, what am I gonna expect in the Nimbasa gym? all my pokemon are level 26.

Originally Posted by Panfisha View Post
Been hitting the hidden grottos A LOT lately, and have been rewarded handsomely!
So far I've gotten:
Breloom w/ technician
Sneasel w/ pickpocket
Corsola w/ regenerator
Clefairy w/ friend guard
I'm very surprised to find a Minccino in the Grotto for the first time.... and it's a 1% rarity :O