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    Xoxaa Illiphia

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    "No, Xoxaa, this bike isn't ours," is the woman's sharp response, clearly giving her attempt to explain the circumstance. "I'm a thief, and, no matter how necessary this is, it's still a crime. I will prostrate myself before the owner and admit it, then allow them to decide whether to judge me for it. Meanwhile, I'm under the employment of the Famiglia, and it's my job to get the money back; so that is what I'll do. Are you coming along for the ride?"

    It felt more like a lecture to Xoxaa, her suspicion proven correct by the response the woman gave her. Theft in general is a wrong act, regardless of how one might want to justify their actions, at least as Xoxaa saw it, but reality hardly holds to absolutes since so many variables would be at play in any given situation. She certainly wouldn't suspect the woman of outright stealing something without making amends later if there's the potential of harming others. Then again, Xoxaa doesn't know her that well, and looks certainly can be deceiving. In truth, the bigger issue for Xoxaa would be returning the bike, not taking it, as it would warrant confronting the person she stole from, but this problem is easily alleviated as she can't say that she stole the motorcycle. To each his, or in this case, her own, as Xoxaa concludes, knowing that in the end, she's responsible only for what she does, even if those in power would like to think otherwise. Honesty is a virtue Xoxaa would never shy away from, no matter how shy she might be otherwise. Their objective was simple now: locate, apprehend, and turn in the criminal.

    Xoxaa's expression hardened, appearing more sure of herself as she looked towards the older woman sternly. Nodding her head, she approaches the vehicle, boarding the rear while holding onto the woman's shoulders. Suddenly, it then dawns on her that she has no idea how to ride a motorcycle, much less how to ride as a passenger.

    "Uhm..." she utters softly, barely audible to the roar of the bike's engine, her expression quickly returning to an uneasy frown as she looked down, glancing at the woman's lower back.

    Pulling up data from her memory, Xoxaa attempts to address her problem before the woman begins accelerating, thus causing Xoxaa to fly off the vehicle and possibly suffer some serious physical damage. She recalls how passengers typically remain seated on motorcycles, placing their hands somewhere bellow the driver's armpits, but what position exactly would be appropriate? Some people, as she remembers, wrap their arms around the driver's midsection, although this was typically among opposite-sex partners, and might be awkward to do so with another woman, but would holding onto the woman's hips also be inappropriate as well? It's all so confusing to her, and worse yet, she's no time to deduce the proper etiquette of motorcycle passenger riding. To make matters worse, she hears the sound of footsteps, hastily approaching them likely as a result of hearing the sound of their motorbike roaring throughout the streets. They would have to take off quick if they didn't want to get in trouble.

    "I... I-I think I hear footsteps! We should hurry!" urges Xoxaa loudly, her hands still pressing against the seat, unprepared for a sudden take-off.
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