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    Tobi Lomborte
    The Sun

    Tobi contemplated whether or not he should assist the others in subduing the remaining thieves since he was a sword. However, he decided against is figuring the others would probably be done by now considering the time it took him to beat just one thief and turn him in. Thus he headed home with Anna's dog in a sour mood because of it. Once at the doors of the mansion he was offered samples and different tidbits of what was to come at the ball from the maids and chefs and accepted them heartily. It was enough to cheer him up a little.

    He brought Anna's dog inside the mansion much to the maid's surprise but they didn't see anything as they saw no ruddy paw prints plastering the hall floors. Nonetheless, Tobi took his time to wash the dog up in his bathroom thoroughly before venturing around the manor to find Annabelle. She resided within her rarely used room. Her door was slightly cracked so there was nothing stopping her dog from jumping into the room for an excited greeting. Annabelle was delighted to see Tobi as well with a hearty" thank you" for bringing back her dog.

    "Yea it was no problem. But hey I noticed he doesn't have his name on the collar. Whats up with that?", before Anna could answer Simon scampers by the room door. Tobi clenched his teeth at the thought of Anna's dog excitedly jumping down to greet Simon only to get a swat to the snout from the startled cat. However, Simon just flicked his tailed and continued to prowl about the mansion. "I'm gunna go and see what members of the sword have returned so I can have an update on the mission."

    Tobi sighed and closed Annabelle's door with a wave. After meandering through the halls he saw Areous' door closed however he was taking a shower as it seemed, so he continued the the corridors without taking a second glance. Venturing into the intelligence sector of the house he spots Ari just turning a corner to another hall. Although she wasn't a member of the sword, he wanted to as her 'How did the mission go?' or "Do you know if any of the swords got back?'. Not necessarily for the answers of those questions as he already knew the answer, but rather to hopefully strike up a conversation.
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