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Camellia de Telarius - #20 Judgement

”And you owe me a dance at the ball,” Camellia smirked at the figure hovering over her. She was thankful that he had come to help her, but couldn’t help feeling a little dejected that it wasn’t Marcus. She always enjoyed the feeling of Marcus saving her; something akin to a handsome knight rescuing his damsel in distress. Except Marcus was her brother. If only she had her own shining knight akin to Marcus yet not family…

“Also, smoking is bad for you,” she turned her head to the side, coughing up a bit more water before returning to Flint, “You should probably help Marcus wrestle these thieves to the Swords’ jail, I’m going to follow Beck up to the Mansion.” She pushed herself up off the ground, feeling the loose sand slide down the inside of her shirt, and even some lodge in her underwear. She turned to leave, “Thanks, Flint,” she said before making her way up the beach to the track that would take her around to the side of the mansion.

Camellia’s clothes had all but dried by the time she snuck into the Mansion grounds. It was now well into dusk yet the atmosphere remained fairly temperate making the walk that much bearable. It didn’t take her long to get from the eastern garden to the set of rooms the de Telarius siblings had been given. The main room still had the remnants of the days’ lunches spread out on the table; Becks book lying on the table. She quickly moved the dishes into the Kitchen, making a note to clean up the house once she had cleaned up herself. Her room rested opposite Beck’s at the back off the hallway. Each room had an en suite attached so the siblings did not have to fight over bathroom time.

Once inside, she quickly dropped all her clothes to the floor before making her way into the shower. The warm water washed over her body, wiping away the sand and grit that had ingrained itself into her clothes and hair. It felt good to be able to wash it all away; all except the dull, throbbing pain in her ankle from the tumble earlier. A commotion outside caught her attention as she caught a glimpse of a skinny, naked man running across the lawn. His Arcana Mark shone brightly in the waning sun.

“He isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed,” She commented, stepping out of the shower and towelling herself down, “but he isn’t half bad looking.”

Wrapping the towel around her midsection, she made her way back into her room, screaming a little as she saw Ari standing in the doorway. “Geez, you scared me, Ari, thought you wanted to kill me…” She scratched her head and smiled wide, hoping the kindness would have an effect on Ari. Considering Camellia had decided to not go to work this morning, she wondered if Ari had come to enact some sort of sadistic punishment on her.

“You don’t mind if I get dressed while we talk, do you? I would assume you have the same body as myself.” She pulled the towel off and began ruffling through the mess of clothes on her floor, looking for something to put on.
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