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Update on Ultimate Monocolor Challenge (Pink).

Update #3 on Platinum.
  • Trained Healer some more, and she finally evolved into Blissey!
  • Caught a Yanma with Compoundeyes in the Great Marsh, and used it to steal a Moon Stone from a Clefairy in Mt. Coronet.
  • Used the Moon Stone on Fable to evolve her into Clefable!
  • Took on Crasher Wake and defeated him with Marcus and Sakura.
  • Plot stuff ensued, and I went up to Celestic Town and defeated Cyrus.
  • Got Surf, and went to Canalave City, where Healer defeated Byron with Fire Blast.
  • Got the Strength HM, then more plot stuff. Defeated Saturn and Mars at the southern lakes.
  • Went into Mt. Coronet to the foggy lake, where I caught Nessie the Feebas after a long search.
  • Bought some Poffins at the Dept. Store, used them to max Nessie's Beauty, and she then evolved into Milotic!
  • Trained Nessie on the surfing routes and Iron Island, which I had skipped before, then headed up to Snowpoint City.
  • Defeated Candice pretty easily with Fable and Nessie.
  • Went to Veilstone to take on Team Plasma, and defeated Cyrus there.
  • Continued to pursue him in Mt. Coronet and the Distortion World, finally beating him once and for all.
  • Back in the real world, I went after Mesprit with the help of a Master Ball, and named it Heart.
  • Went to Sunyshore City and easily defeated Volkner with Marcus' Earthquake.
  • Saved after getting the Waterfall HM.

Team Pink:

Marcus the Brave Lickilicky, ♂ - L51 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Own Tempo
Moves: Return, Rock Climb, Earthquake, Power Whip

Fable the Gentle Clefable, ♀ - L48
Ability: Magic Guard
Moves: Strength, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Moonlight

Nessie the Mild Milotic, ♀ - L50
Ability: Marvel Scale
Moves: Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Recover

Sakura the Bold Cherrim, ♀ - L48
Ability: Flower Gift
Moves: Petal Dance, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Growth

Healer the Bold Blissey, ♀ - L48
Ability: Serene Grace
Moves: Shock Wave, Sing, Fire Blast, Softboiled

Heart the Serious Mesprit - L50 [boxed]
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Swift, Lucky Chant, Future Sight, Charm

HM Slaves:

Tropius - Fly, Defog, Cut, Rock Smash

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