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Dalex watched the Kimono Girls perform. They were really great and he knew they knew how to put on a show worth watching. He watched the eeveelutions dance as well. Umbreon's rings were glowing and Espeon was surrounded in an aura of psychic energy . The other eeveelutions were releasing small flames, bubbles and electric. Dalex glanced at Keit, her eyes gleamed with compassion for the other eeveelutions. He could tell she wanted to join in on the dance, but she was holding back due to what Dalex had said.

Dalex opened his hand for a split second and caught a petal in his hand. He looked up and one of the Kimono girls was smiling at him. He looked down for a second then back up and she was still dancing, but not smiling directly at him. Dalex leaned over to Keit, "If you want to, you can dance a little in your seat. Just don't get in another person's way." He said stroking her fur. After that Keit stood on her hind legs and danced in place a little. Not as good as the Kimono Girls' eeveelutions, but better than Dalex had thought.

After a few minutes, the Kimono Girls stopped and Naoko motioned to a young lady in the crowd with a violin. The young lady, Dalex assumed was a year or so younger than he, walked up on to the stage and into another room. After a few minutes, the girl returned. Dalex could tell she had been thinking about something and maybe still was. Maybe about if she would do well or not.

A sense of dread overwhelmed him. Striking him like a rampaging Rhyhorn. The memory of when he was stuck in the blizzard came back to him as well. Mainly the dream he had that night. It was about Suicune, but was it a dream? Something was wrong, but what and when? Why had the memory come back all of a sudden?
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