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Sounds good I'll have an SU in shortly.

Name: Graznak Ro-Bashnar
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Species: Orismer

Appearance: Graznak is the average looking Orc. He has green-tinted skin, a rounded face, and large, bulky muscles that make a Nord's look small. His deep, brown eyes match his deep voice. His usual steel battle axe and steel-plated armor was taken from him when he entered the Imperial Prison.

Personality: Graznak is a fundamental Orc. He enjoys a good brawl and absolutely adores an all-out battle. He's quite the tactician, so he can be reckless when the blood lust sets in. Being a veteran of the great war, he has an extreme hatred for all those who serve the Aldmeri Dominion, and an unfair prejudice against Dark Elves and Wood Elves. Graznak is skilled in smithing and is a master of the battle-axe. His biggest flaw is his tendency to go berserk when he loses.

History: Graznak Ro-Bashnar was born in the mountainous kingdom of Orismur. He left the stronghold as a young hatchling, at about 10. He came to Cyrodil to join the Legion, like his father before him. They wouldn't accept him as a soldier, so he became a blacksmith. He had become a master by the time the Great War took place. The young General Tullius saw his skill in the forge, so he figured he could double as a mobile blacksmith and a solder. He sent him off with the first legion leaving Cyrodil to fight the Aldmeri Dominion. He fought in the front line in every battle, and defeated a good majority of Thalmor, including a certain fearsome general. His legion returned home after a major defeat. The legate of his unit accused him of betraying the legion to the Aldmeri, and sentenced him to 30 years in the Imperial Dungeon, and after that, a crucifixtion.
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