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That doesn't necessarily mean that it's the next core games either then; possibly a spin off, which is why I agree with what some others there are saying. The person may have been asking the question in regards to the main games but, the way they worded it, could allow for a 'twisted' response(a new game can mean just that, a new game, which means spin-offs included), just like how you can look at it as a single game because of them using it in the singular form. The answer seems more about the 3DS than anything; it's not a straight response aside from them saying it's not remakes.

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Personally I don't like using the term hints , I don't think GF leaves " hints " in games ( unless its stated somewhere they do, if so my mistake) I just think there similarities and instances where they show that the pokemon world from past generations are connected
Nobody can say for sure whether they do or not, it's moreso that everybody just grasps at every little thing that could possibly be related. I honestly think they do try to throw in things from time to time to get you wondering though, like what Steven said after the Lati event in HGSS or stuff we wouldn't even take as a possibility at the time, aka the dream world reference in Gen III. Call them what you want but they may be making references/hints to what we could be seeing in the future at times.
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