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Favorite PC Game: Guild Wars 2
Favorite Xbox/PS3 Game: Battlefield 3
Favorite Wii/U Game: New Super Mario Bros. U
Favorite Handheld Game: Pokemon Black/White 2

Favorite FPS: Battlefield 3, Far Cry 3
Favorite RPG: Skyrim
Favorite Sanbox: Minecraft
Favorite Sports Game: FIFA 13
Favorite Racing Game: Forza Horizon
Favorite Fighting Game: Sleeping Dogs
Favorite Platform: New Super Mario Bros. U

Game of The Year: Battlefield 3

You can call me mainstream for picking BF3, but I think it deserves it anyday. It's none of that CoD nonsense where noobs can own you and be annoying; this game involves strategy and teamwork. I prefer long games and ones with big maps, well done BF3!

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