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All of the Mothers, and that's almost it. I like each Mother game for different reasons, though. I think Mother 3 looks and sounds the best, but I still like Mother's story more. Mother 2/EarthBound touches me the most with its childlike sense of whimsy.

Paper Mario is a good secondary, despite the fact that I never finished the 2nd game (it's really good, I just never completed it). The first Paper Mario still holds up everywhere except the sound department for me. I used to really love the music to that game. I mean, really love it. But now, it's kind of bland and empty. I dunno what happened to me.

I've only played the first Mario and Luigi, but the humor was worth it.

And then there's Pokemon. A series I've all but forgotten at this point, so I'm not really counting it.

I think that's every RPG I've ever played. Oh, and Super Mario RPG, which I didn't care for. But it's pretty plain to see I like the humorous, cartoon inspired ones with a modern setting.
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