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Originally Posted by Lokiepie View Post
hey guys!

sorry I haven't posted in awhile, getting annoyed that my writing style doesn't seem to be up to scratch lately the info is there but doesn't flow and is jagged so sorry!! will be working on that hopefully i will be able to scrape off the rust a lil more as I go along

when Willow's interactions are over and done with, I'll have her go see the prof and then head on down to see to team up with the princess and get the fun relationship there started xD so shouldn't be too long Rune sorry you've had to wait but will hopefully be worth it :D

also awesome post everyone! like curious really like the interaction between everyone :D
hope ya are all doin well!! :D
Well, aren't we peppy today? Don't worry, I have my fanfic to keep me busy. Just PM me if you're ready. I'm going to rest for a short while. I'll come back after a few hours.

... I'm already thinking of ways to catch Growlithe.