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The girl had scooped up the eevee protectively and offered her hand to Gau as a greeting and probably as a peace offering.
“Is it ok to start again? As I have a feeling we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. The name’s Willow and This is Jinxsey". Gau looked down at her small hand for a short time, seemingly studying its every minor detail, before slowly standing up from his resting place and shaking it
"My name's Gau, this is my Teddiursa" he offered as he shook her hand
"Teddi!" the small, orange-brown bear pokemon offered the exclamation as reassurance
"although I'm not sure what her name is yet..." Gau continued "its strange finding yourself deciding who someone is... anyway sorry she attacked Jinxey, she appears to be a more quiet type".

Gau pulled out a different notepad and began writing observations about his partner pokemon, he had already filled out two other pages in the book with them and intended to maintain a record. Upon finishing nearly a page more of notes he looked up to see the girl still looking at him.
I wonder why she's still here he thought silently to himself... should I be making an offer of some kind, a peace offering or show of comradeship. He settled on a combination of the two, this way even if she had no intention of befriending him he could continue to observe her.
"Do you want to go back into the town and get something to eat?" he asked putting the notepad away and picking up his Teddiursa
"Teddi! Teddiursa!" the prospect of food and company seemed to excite the tiny pokemon, Gau figured that whilst she was a more quiet pokemon it did enjoy the company of others, and she certainly enjoyed food. Gau waited silently for a response watching her again, studying her body-language, her appearance and feeling curious as to how the more animated trainer would respond.

"Oh! But this isn't the end, my friend!"