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Originally Posted by Projectwolfie View Post
I have one question: why isn't there a cutoff for a yearly award? There's still years old hacks being vouched for and it kinda... feels wrong. Shouldn't we have it limited to hacks that have been updated/started on for the past year?

Anyways, in respect to gameplay there really hasn't been a single thing good this year in the main showcase; I threw it at a sideshow even though it wasn't allowed because it does actually provide the best experience I've had in a loooooooong time in accordance to actually playing the game.
If there was a cutoff there wouldn't be anything to vote for. The only good hack I've seen this year is Shadow Amethyst. That being said I do feel that hacks that have been in the top 3 more than once like Light Platinum should not be in the competition. Because it's obvious it's just going to keep taking spots in the top 3 every year until it wins.