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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
Forever height wise doesn't seem as good.
In my opinion, it would be better to add different styled areas further down.

So, Stone area 1/3, then Some obsidian or something and bedrock 2/3, and maybe a hellish kind of world 3/3.
But the areas could be very big, giving more of a challenge.

Alright so basically we have:

Normal world (Dig a bit)

Bunch of Obsidian and bedrock (or something mineable of course)

Then something representing minecraft's Nether.

Alright This seems like a good idea. (Although I may add a Sky dimension which seems to be popular nowadays)

Let's say:
Height wise:
256 - 180 = Sky
128 - 64 = normal things like mountains
63 - 0 = sea and caverns

-1 - -15 = obsidian and bedrock

-16 - - 132 = Nether
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