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    "Garbodor use Sludge Bomb!" "Thrash use Stone Edge" the two attacks collide and create an explosion. Kai had started his training to become a team plasma grunt. While he was already technically a grunt, Kai felt he needed to become adjusted to the methods of Team Plasma. "Thanks for training me out here, sir." "Whatever grunt, just don't fall against me in this training." Kai laughed at the Elite's comment. "I'm going to dash towards my goal towards the top with Thrash. I have to beat those other grunts too so I can't fall to you now!" "Let's not forget there is a gap in battle experience here. Luck is nothing in comparison to skill as a team plasma member. Garbodor use Double Slap!" "Thrash block that with Bite" the attacks collide. Garbodor screams at its bitten arm but fights through the pain and continues its attack. Thrash is slapped and sent flying. Kai smirked at the Elite. "I'm going to keep it charging, use dig!" Thrash goes into the hole then jumped through a hole behind Garbodor. "From behind, no way!" Stated the elite. "We aren't done yet! Told you I was charging ahead, use Stone Edge!" Thrash followed up by using though attacks. Garbodor is knocked back by both attacks. A cloud of dust appears over the field. "Looks like we are done here." Kai stated. The elite smiled as from the smoke, Garbodor's arm stretched out and grabbed Thrash by the throat. "End it with Hyper Beam!" Garbodor unleashes a hyper beam that knocks out Thrash. "The gap should always be recognized, grunt." The elite and Kai leave the field. "I'm going to keep charging ahead till I get to the top!"
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