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    Willow stood there as the trainer looked at her hand, his dark eyes studying it as if it was something he had never laid eyes on before. Feel, if anything, slightly out of place, she remained there, her hand out str5etched until he took it in his in a greeting, introducing himself as Gau and Teddiursa.

    She smiled, pushing back the awkwardness she had felt before with a warm grin which spread across her lips like a wild fire, infectious to her every fibre of being, as Gau continued to talk about his Pokémon. her eyes scanning his face every now and again for a smile across the blank plain of his facial features. Nothing.

    “anyway sorry she attacked Jinxey, she appears to be a more quiet type". He finished neatly then with not so much of another word and apparently forgetting his company he pulled out what looked like a note book. Flipping open it as he began to scribble endlessly on its blank pages.

    Willow at first, dropped the smile, eyeing Gau curiously. She wasn’t exactly use to people just pulling out note books mid conversation to write what seemed to be a mini essay. But then again, she hadn’t really met that many people bar those who lived in her village… maybe this was something everyone did?

    What was he writing about anyway and should she go or stay? Was this his way of ending their encounter? Or maybe she should get a notebook too?

    Such thoughts flouted across her mind as she stared at Gau, her bottom lip now drawn in and held firmly at the mercy of her upper teeth as she tried to think. After a minute or so however, Willow decided to stay. It would be rude to leave without a word, so she waited politely, one eye brown arched as she craned her neck to look at what Gau was writing, though she couldn’t work it out. reading upside down had alas been a talent she had never really invested in. so as she waited, she looked down at Teddiursa, her kind eyes wrinkling as she smiled once more. It was so cute! Surprising it had such a short patience but then every pokemon was different. As this thought flouted on by, she looked back up at Gau, just in time for him to dot the last piece of punctuation in his notes before looking up.

    She grinned again in welcome and gave an awkward wave. Jinxsey on the other hand just plainly stared at the boy seeming to be just as inquisitive as his trainer. At first Gau looked at her, with that same expression as before, as Willow waited, before at last, after more silence she felt compelled to speak. But just as she opened her mouth, Gau spoke, beating her to line.

    “Do you want to go back into the town and get something to eat?”

    Willow, after the awkward silence she had just been put through and kinda feeling like a bug under a spyglass for a kids science experiment, suddenly felt surprised at this act of friendship. Sure had she at least expected an awkard goodbye or excuse, but pro-longed contact? That had taken her aback. The surprise though, was short lived and once again her smiled that warm smile. Jinxsey at the mention of food, like Teddiursa, perked up, his small head appearing out of his fluff with an eager bark.

    At both Pokémon’s reactions she laughed before nodding. “sure sounds good me! Where abouts we wanting to go? There’s a café in the village I think” she chirped “we could go there, unless coffee and cake isn’t your thing in which case I think they sell sandwiches too.” She ventured hopefully, not really sure if the shop she had seen was entirely a café or not, but hey no harm in finding out, right?

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