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    Hi! My username will pretty much explain what I was going to write anyways.

    So, to business. While I'm sure these aren't valuable cards, I found them while cleaning my room and became curious because....I've never personally owned and Pokemon cards, haha. I remember my older brother had a binder full of them. Alas, he got rid of them all. I mean, nobody I knew back then had any idea how to actually play with the cards properly (nor does anyone I know now, to my knowledge. Including myself) but, still I'm curious and interested about these 2 cards.
    Mostly because they must be of some age, because the Pikachu is still fat in the picture.

    I'm going to try and provide you with all the information the rule post set out, even though I'm a complete foreigner here and don't understand half of the jargon.

    Umm...Looks kind of like a flower picture. A very broad-petaled flower.
    Nope, not a First Edition.
    It's shadowed.
    Also, the HP text is red...I can't tell if it's bolded or not, but it is red, if that helps.

    This second one, I'd wager, is even more commonplace.

    Unown J
    Well, it's not a x/y number, but it's 38.
    Not First Edition either.
    It has a shadow.

    Well, thanks in advance. I was happy just finding a thread like this that's been active in the last 4 years, haha. I'm really not so interested in selling them. Partially because I doubt they're worth much, and partially because.....Well I just don't see the point.
    If, somehow, you could approximate their print date (or at least, a date range) that would be awesome. I'm usually more concerned about how old something is than how much it's worth.