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    I like advanced shipping because of how much mutual interest Ash and May show for each other. While in other generations there was ether a one sided interest *cough* misty *cough* or almost none with Dawn.

    I could not say I have a favorite shipping episode, there are so many.

    A date of the two of them... hard to say, is this one they set up? (As in they already spilled out their interests) Or are they just happening to go to a place without Brock/Max/Other, where they would then talk about their feelings?

    I've noticed Dawn has had REPEATED cameos in the B&W series, are the writers leaning towards Pearlshipping? DUHN DUHN DUUUUUUUH!
    Of course I do have a soft spot for pearlshipping, but I like advanced best, so it wouldnt be as bad for me.