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After Tobi showed up, I had no further interruptions with my sleep. I actually had dreams during the nap, which isn't exactly odd, though my dreams are never truly my own I suppose. When I sleep near people, sometimes I experience their memories through my dreams. Oftentimes I just watch the dream, spectating a past experience, though sometimes bad memories get through and I have nightmares. To be honest, people always seem to have more bad memories than good ones, as if they want to hold on to terrible events.

On this particular day though, one of my dreams were delightful. I watched the memory of one of the maids who was married, specificly the wedding day. I don't know exactly who this maid was, but the feeling of joy she had that day spread to me as I slept. This joy, this feeling I got whenever a good memory came along, made up for all of the nightmares I had, it gave me a sense of hope that everyone would feel happiness. Unfortunately the dream was short because my powers were not developed enough to allow me to focus the dream, I only caught the priest saying his stuff and the big kiss. After that, I was bombarded with bad memories. A child's parents abandoning him, a deceased pet that a kid had to bury, and a life of extreme poverty as a kid were all typical bad memories I'd be tortured with. It always seemed like the worst memories people had, the most dreadful to them, happened during their childhood. But every dream I would cry next to the person, mourn the dead pet, or attempt in vain to get food for this starving child, I felt useless, with only that wedding to look back at.

When I awoke, I immediately forced these sad feelings away, I needed to be happy after all! It wasn't hard because it was something I had to do every morning, though I always needed a few minutes to dry my tears and wipe my face. After all that was done, I slipped on the red dress, which covered my cuts from earlier nicely. I figured maybe seeing the healer or an alchemist would be best, but I wasn't dying so I didn't bother. I looked at the clock, by the time I had awoken it was close to the start of the ball!

A knocking on the door and Steven's voice yelling, "Hello?" confirmed by worries, I had overslept!

"One second, I need to get dressed and stuff!" I slipped on my shoes, then decided to but on some heels instead. I walked quickly to the door. "Okay I'm ready to go!" He was dressed pretty nicely, definitely not a guard's pay of an attire. I can't say I wasn't appalled to see him look so stunning.

"I thought you would bail." He laughed, "Well lets get down to the ball area." He held out his arm, "May I escort you?"

Couldn't help but have my mind leap to the wedding memory, and it made me feel a bit embarrassed. Even if he couldn't read my thoughts. I took his arm though and said, "Try anything and I am in a perfect position to break you arm!"

"Well okay! Then I won't try anything until you let go." We both began walking toward the ballroom. When we arrived, nobody else seemed to be there except some servants and maids. So we waited around for people to show up.
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