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Oda Baldotter
Rolling wheels against smooth ground was far less deafening than the tropical flora Oda had been forced to drive through before, though had perhaps been more traumatizing for her passenger. Just another apology to add to her list that day, including apologizing to the bike's owner and the family of that guardsman who had taken a bullet designated for her. It was strange, to feel a day shift from regular serenity to such chaos with only a few yells and greed of thieves for a frankly ridiculous plan. But, the jump both of them had just taken would have been considered reckless by anybody without the ability to resist injury; instinctual fear was one thing that was slipping away from The Hanged Woman's human grasp.

The clarity of sound allowed her to hear Xoxaa's suggestion clearly, and despite most of her work time being spent alone, she remembered following the commands of a drill instructor. In a fluid segue, the Adept and her vehicle strafed across the open airfield to allow the Apprentice her line of sight, that was necessary for whichever plan she came up with. There was brief surprise in Oda's eyes, as she spotted a pistol being withdrawn from Xoxaa's bag and its sights lined up with the thick rubbery wheels of their target, whose concentration swayed upon sight of the metal stallion that followed.

Although she preferred the steady weight of a sword hefted in her hands, for reasons of parrying and to avoid the spraying death that ranged combat could inflict upon her allies, Oda had plenty of experience handling firearms. The action that inspired incredulity was the confidence that Xoxaa gained, enough to release her clutch around Oda's body and take aim with only her legs to stay attached to the machine. It seemed that, like herself, the Apprentice found comfort in having a focus; a way to express herself through solid actions, when all that mattered was the target.

They'd have to spar, sometime. Nevertheless, with an ear-shattering bang the pistol crippled their criminal's vehicle, though it simply passed through Oda's ears like the bullet themselves would have. But the swerve of the hulking RV was enough provocation to twist the handlebars in a tight turn and spin back the brakes. As the grinding of rubber lit up the air with stenches of smoke, there was a sudden shift in weight as the passenger leaped off to deal with the thief that necessitated such actions in the first place.

When the motorcycle finally stopped with a lurch forward, Oda heard the sounds of rapid gunfire followed by the squeals of a man who believed himself dying. She hopped off of the motorcycle with a frown, though she had heard only a few feminine cries of exhaustion; there was also the fact of damage caused to the motorcycle's chassis, for she trusted Xoxaa to handle a single thief by herself. That would be dealt with sooner than the Adept had hoped for, but for now the concern was on the Apprentice's health, as she strode towards the unconscious thief and smiling Sword.

Most concerning was the splatter of crimson across Xoxaa's clothes, along with the blood-soaked bullets that littered the ground around her feet. Oda watched the girl with a tilted head, as she attempted to remember just what Arcana card could afford such feats; the intense nights of studying paid off, as she recalled the High Priestess being one such card, whose energies could weave together any wound. That certainly explained the apparent exhaustion from just a few moments of combat, but the apparent fear throughout their ride was evidence that Xoxaa's mind was still young. She had yet to be numbed, perhaps because of the pain she must still feel from whatever injuries.

"Indeed, you did, and quite cleanly too. My compliments." Oda congratulated the girl with nothing short of a proud smile, as she approached the downed man with a set of steel manacles withdrawn from one of her longcoat's many pockets. It truly was a well done job, despite the brutality of the submission, but there were a few members of the Famiglia whose methods were far more lethal; very few people could afford to subdue dangerous criminals like Oda had learned to. "It seems the guards have come with judgement for my actions, but..." She briefly checked her watch. "Time until the Ball is passing all too quickly. I shall have to make this brief."

Though the criminal was not going anywhere quickly and it was within both of their rights to take down him as they saw fit, Oda felt the need to take responsibility for the entire thing, as a trio of black vehicles pulled up alongside the site of the crash and out came the hatted guards of Regalo Island, the leader marked clearly with a silver badge upon his chest and the stern look of a man more concerned with the people, and, from Oda's experience, didn't trust the military nature of the Sword Sector.

"Captain Jonah," Oda greeted the Captain with a hearty handshake, as they met on the line between his cars and the crash. Her gaze did not leave his for a single moment, while a couple of the guards walked to the handcuffed thief to lead his unconscious, heavy form to one of their cars. "I'm afraid this meeting must be short, and there is much to be explained. The damage to the gates and reckless driving through the docks, as well as the death of one of your men included. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you've heard, myself and this Apprentice have to attend a formal Famiglia event. I will gladly meet you in the morning for tea, to discuss these events and meet with the owner of this unfortunate vehicle."

Oda was by no means a woman of silver tongue, but there was something to be said for formality in the face of old souls such as Captain Jonah; it was something they could appreciate, and which she'd been learned in for many years. The mustached man appraised her words for a few moments before giving a brief nod. "Alright; I'll keep you to your words, Mistress Baldotter." He said firmly, before issuing orders to some of his gathered subordinates. "Get your gawking over with quickly; we don't need everyone on this site!"

"I would never dream of doing anything less." Oda bowed respectfully to the Captain, and left a brief moment of silence for Xoxaa to speak to Captain Jonah, before gesturing for the Apprentice to follow her on the long walk back to the mansion that necessitated their early departure from the scene of just one evening's crimes. "Unless you're willing to steal another vehicle," She jested in an attempt to keep that smile on Xoxxaa's face. "I doubt we'll be able to make it back in time. You can go ahead, if you want to." She said, with an honest smile, for she could not know the full extent of Xoxaa's abilities. "If not, I can lend you my longcoat for some form of reasonable dress."
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