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    I got the game just about a month aho from now (but I managed to get Gensect), so I'll give the digest version of my adventure so far.

    I was waiting at the bus stop when I got it, so I turned it on, played as Nate for a while, tried it out, and turned it off.

    when I got home, I restarted as Mei, synched with my White save file, and got myself a gensect, and was the first time in a while I've left a pokemon town at the beginning with two pokmon instead of one. I picked a Tepig from Bianca, named it Pokey.

    then I entered Route 19. DAT MUSIC. that blew me away. this is how you make a sequel!

    I saw Alder! i couldn't believe I'd see him so quickly in the game. did the standard tutorial thing, but still was pretty cool, and I hope I can battle him for real later.

    I go to the ranch, get a Riolu and a mareep, and they remain steadfast in my team even till now!

    I got through the game until Roxy's area, beat her, and went into probably the best fun I've had outside of the main quest - POKESTAR STUDIOS! (and in retrospect, Im pretty miffed that you don't get to change your character's sprites as a reward, walking around with the student costume would have been awesome )

    I encountered neo team plasma. man, these guys are worse jerks than the old templar knights! I reach the mainland, pop gensect into my PC, and i haven't used him since. then I go into the sewers and finally see ratattas where you'd expect them, in the sewers. then I get perma-member #4 in my party, a Zubat!

    when I wandered around Route 4 after looking in Relic castle, I get my first useful thing from my memory link, I catch N's Darumaka!

    around now, I break from playing for a bit, and eventually, the event for Gothorita comes in, and #5 of my team arrives!

    Play through up to Clay, get my team wrecked until I pretty much pull through against his excadrill with, if I remember correctly, 1HP on my Pokey, the last man alive. talk about epic.

    Reach the PWT, beat it, download the new matches for it, and go fight Team Plasma again. and everytime I walk on that frigate, I keep thinking Goldeneye.

    I play through to Skyla, and finally see the airport be used for something at long last.... flying planes!

    I reach Reversal Mountain, and Im pretty sure Game Freak were inspired by this when they made music for it.

    play up to the old Giant Chasm entrance area, and see that Cobalion that's been following me around since Clay just ....standing there. so I stuck him in a poke ball, named him Athos, and put him as my temp #6.
    Then I run into Athos' weird brother Aramis, better known as Virizion, and add him to my legendary-in-a-pokeball collection.
    I reach Opelucid, go through the gym, train a bit and get the badge from Mayor Jaws, and get greeted to what happens when Plasma gets access to Bowser's koopa tech, and freeze the whole city over. I take care of Plasma and Kakashi-for-hire, then hot-foot it over to the new guy up in the resort area (and take note nintendo, its NOT FAIR that after 15 years, my character STILL can't even swim in shallow water at an Island resort!;( )
    beat Marlon, head up north, run into Porthos the bull, reunite him with his brothers, and strangely, for the first time in a main game playthrough, my starter is my weakest pokemon in my team by far, so I ditch Pokey (temporarily), and use his slot for whichever pokemon ends up doing my HM bidding ('ello dream world geodude!)

    go through the seaside caves, board the frigate, wreak havoc, get kicked off by Kakashi's shadow clones, and then decide I really miss my fire moves, so I send Athos to visit his brothers in the PC, and take back my Bacon!

    and that's as far as I've gone! :D

    Its either real or its a dream, there's nothing that is inbetween, Twiiiiiliiiiiight