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    Well, seeing as one of the members of Dimensional Link seems to have vanished from PC (in an RP where activity /determines the life of the RP/) I think it may be done for.

    That said, I've got an idea in mind for a Sandbox-style RP (Oh how I love them) that takes place in the Zelda world. In this Game, /No one is the hero/. It follows the timeline where the Hero of Time is defeated, but goes to the point where Ganondorf was defeated but before the point where Ganondorf is resurrected. Life in the land of Hyrule returned to peace, but people remain wary, as the rumors of Ganon's ressurection are scattered about. Monsters still roam about in areas not populated by people and travel from place to place often requires guidance from a more skilled warrior for safety. Players will have a choice of species as follows: Hylian, Kokiri, Goron, Zora, Gerudo, Rito, or Twili.

    Any thoughts on this so far? Interest? Also, would it be better to use Ocarina of Time's overworld (With Rito flying from an island and Twili from a portal in the Desert) or an overworld from another game?