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    Originally Posted by Sassy Milkshake View Post
    Haven't even finished Black yet, but I'm curious. How does the Kyurem fusing thing work? You have to fuse two Pokemon together right? What if they're at different levels? One is shiny? What happens when you gain levels and then split them apart?

    They fuse using an item you get after the story.

    Yes you fuse Zekrom + Kyurem for Black Kyurem and Reshiram + Kyurem for White Kyurem.

    They take the level of Kyurem as the level for Black/White Kyurem and his moveset.

    You can't have one shiny. All three involved are Shiny locked in both sets of games. Either way,
    you'd have to have a Shiny Kyurem to get the Shiny forms.

    If you gain levels, I believe Kyurem gets the level boost.