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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    "Indeed, you did, and quite cleanly too. My compliments," the woman spoke, a proud smile on her face as she approaches the scene of the engagement to chain up the defeated thief.

    Xoxaa isn't used to such strong positive regard, given her life of abusive or neglecting family figures. Naturally, the girl was forced to tilt her head slightly in the other direction, dropping her smile somewhat, but instead donning a red hue to her cheeks. She blushes easily with any compliment, but the young woman began to warm up to this older woman, almost as if she was a mother to her or an older sister, only exacerbating her inner appreciation of the woman's kind words. Looking away from the current scene, the woman arrests and turns over the burglar to the arriving authorities, discussing matters with the captain of their unit. Xoxaa listens in on the conversation, gleaning the excuses her superior gives to the guard captain. Apparently, the woman takes the responsibility of the events that occurred here, but the woman doesn't seem to be one to boast of her exploits or lie about events to further her position, however short lived in might be. She seems to be covering for Xoxaa, as the girl presumes, since the woman had seemed interested in her well-being throughout the whole ordeal. Hearing the conclusion of their discussion, Xoxaa alters her gaze, looking up at the darkening sky, spotting a few stars coming into view. Her eyes widen in interest, marveling the colors of the twilight sky, her favorite time of day. After gazing upward for a few moments, she hears the sounds from the conversation cease, lowering her head tilt and turns her attention back to the pair, the two separating ways at the exact moment she lays eyes on them.

    "Unless you're willing to steal another vehicle," states the older woman, a touch of humor in her tone and a warm smile on her face, grabbing Xoxaa's attention by pulling her glance towards her superior. "I doubt we'll be able to make it back in time. You can go ahead, if you want to. If not, I can lend you my longcoat for some form of reasonable dress."

    She's fairly sure the woman was merely cracking a joke, but nonetheless it made little sense since it was the woman, not Xoxaa who was the vehicle stealer. The smile returns to her face, but this one is somewhat slanted, almost sarcastic in expression.

    "You were the one who stole a vehicle, ma'am," responds the younger woman, returning the favor of a comical remark while highlighting the details of the referenced event.

    Hastily, another aspect of the woman's words dawns on her. "What did she mean by- Oh ****! I forgot about the ball, and I forgot to obtain the necessary attire for the event! I'm so screwed!"

    "Oh, I-uh, uhm... I won't need the longcoat, but thanks! I'd only trip over it and probably rip it or something like that, uh...," stammers Xoxaa, suddenly made uncomfortable by the realization of her circumstances pertaining to the ball, her voice only making her anxiety more evident. "Uhm, but would you by, uh, chance be able to do me a huge favor? Like, uhm... I-I don't think I have attire that will be acceptable at the ball. I uh... I don't really own formal wear. It's not my thing, you know? I don't think I have time to pick up anything, so... uh..."

    The girls words trail off, shifting her gaze down again, embarrassed by her admitted lack of responsibility and her request to ask for assistance, and from someone she just met no less. A frown hangs over her face, truly ashamed by what she had to ask the woman, probably proving to have been mostly a burden to the woman, having to manage Xoxaa's awkward or complete lack thereof of social skills and slowing them down during a situation of crisis. Her gaze remains permanently fixating towards the ground, frowning, too perturbed to make an effort at proper social interaction.
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