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What would be a reasonable price to sell all of these cards at in one big group? And would I get much more if I sold them all individually?

The cards I have:


Dragonnite (fossil), Wigglytuff, Pidgeot (jungle), Meowth (promo), Clefairy, Kangaskahn (jungle), Kangaskahn (jungle, slight damage), Dark Gyardos (rocket, prerelease), Magneton, Pichu (promo), Electrode,Flareon (jungle), Ninetales, Ninetales (slight damage), Poketour 1999 Pickachu, Dark Golbat (rocket), Venusaur, Scyther (jungle, slight damage), Victreebell (jungle), Nidoqueen, Dark Arbok (rocket), Gengar (fossil), Mew (promo), Dark Hypno (rocket), Machamp (1st edition), Machamp (1st edition), Hitmonchan, Victreebell (jungle), Mewtwo (seems to be in French).

Non Holographic Rare Cards:

Pidgeot (jungle), Kangaskhan (jungle), Pidgeotto, Clefable (jungle), Wigglytuff (jungle), Dragonite (promo), Vaporeon (jungle), Jolteon (jungle), Electrode, Electabuzz, Beedrill, Scyther (jungle), Venomoth (jungle), Beedrill, Vicreebell (jungle), Espeon, Haunter (fossil), Mewtwo (promo), Mew (promo), Misdreavus (promo), Poliwrath, Dugtrio, Imposter Professor Oak (trainer), Misty (trainer), Super Energy Removal (trainer), Dark Magneton (rocket).
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