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    Oda Baldotter
    Oda smiled at Xoxaa's response to her joking misplace of blame, having realized that the young woman was nervous enough without being teased by somebody of a higher rank. As she speaks of the Ball, she pushes aside some blocking plants that would reveal a shortcut to the mansion; while she couldn't care less for any damage sustained by her longcoat, given its inability to sustain such regardless, she preferred that the Apprentice would not suffer a rash on top of the supposed shame of not possessing formal-wear, but it was merely another thing she didn't know of the stuttering young woman. The extent of her powers could easily reach past disease or poison, as the contents of those bullets didn't seem to be adverely affecting her yet. Still, it was better to be safe than sorry, as she used her sheathed sword to push aside any offending plants.

    The fact of Regalo's tropical region was that many strange species of wildlife lurked in its depths, and Oda had never took it upon herself to learn about them specifically. It was a duty for alchemists, and another way of affecting the world that she'd be unable to master quickly enough for it to help. There simply wasn't enough time for peace of mind and studying together, so she simply kept an eye out for any colorful creature that looked like it could possess a nasty bite and shooed them away with a tap of her sword. The forests offered a reprieve from the man-made structure she was used to perusing all day, at least, and the beams of moonlight than shone down through emerald leaves were quite beautiful. The world seemed to possess far too many splendors to see in a single day.

    At Xoxaa's response, Oda flashes the younger woman a kind smile. She could understand the absence of solely formal clothes, for which she had no fondness. Dresses and heeled shoes were well enough for whoever could afford the time to fiddle around with proper necklines and having to balance with every step, but her duties were almost never at an end. Thus, her wardrobe was filled only with variations of her current outfit that drove the mads mad with attempting to organize her wardrobe, despite protests to their presence in the first place. But, no, they had their job to do, and apparently it involved sorting through her knicknacks to gossip with each other about. The most scandalous thing they'd found was her nightwear, which was apparently not close enough to translucent silk for their tastes. The cliques the house-servants formed were quite amusing at times, even, despite their apparent fascination with her piano-playing and paperwork. If the woman didn't know better, she'd think they were spying on her.

    "Don't worry," Oda told the nervous Apprentice with another smile across her lips. She was quite enjoying escorting the younger member of Sword around. She even reminded Oda of herself when she was much younger, depending on how somebody would choose to define her age. There was certainly trouble getting alcoholic drinks, considering her youthful looks, but she'd lost the ability to enjoy such beverages in the last few years as well. "I have dress shirts, pants, and shoes you'll be able to borrow." She was perhaps being too generous, but there were plenty of outfits to spare and she'd loathe to see the night take any more turns for the dramatic. "But I'll have to get you a properly tailored longcoat at some point; perhaps made with material that's easy to clean..." She added, with a small gesture to the splatter of blood over Xoxaa's torso.
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