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Originally Posted by InMooseWeTrust View Post
I'd like to see Cilan leave the group and join the Shadow Triad. Everyone KNOWS that's coming. And Iris could be way better off without Ash. Her Axew is not being influenced well by Ash's pathetic evolutionless team.
Yeaah... not sure if you have been keeping up with the anime ... or Pokemon in general. B/W2 confirmed that the Straiton Gym trio and Shadow Triad are two different triplets for one. As for Ash's "pathetic evolutionless team" Pikachu aside (who technically is an evolution) three his nine Unova Pokemon haven't evolved at all (Snivy, Oshawott, and Scraggy), three of them are first evolution (Boldore, Pignite, and Palpitoad), and three of them are fully evolved (Unfezant, Krookodile, and Leavanny). So, yes... while 7 out of 10 of them aren't fully evolved I wouldn't call his Pokemon team evolutionless; he's had teams with less evolutions (Johto being a prime example). His team is just weaker at this point because of the much faster pacing that didn't give his Pokemon time to grow like in Sinnoh (which was a little too slow with pacing. Pokemon can't really find the right pacing).

Still looking forward to the N Saga. Hopefully it'll make-up for the disappointment that will be Ash losing against Kotetsu.
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