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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    The two begin their journey back to the mansion in preparation for the ball, with the older woman clearing the way for a shorter route back home. They had left everything at the airfield up to the guards' discretion, including the stolen motorcycle. Hopefully the dents Xoxaa made in the motorbike wont come back to bite her later, but she decides to shelve those concerns, having no purpose other than to generate needless worry, as right now, it's of no concern to her. The ball, however, reveals a crisis in the making, and Xoxaa knows this, being completely unprepared for what will likely be her greatest event upon admittance to the Famiglia. She needs a complete set of formal attire and a bath or shower, although while the later could be done quickly enough, it's the attire that will be troublesome to procure. Worst case, Xoxaa might have a dress somewhere, but it will at best be only casual wear such as a summer dress. MAYBE it'll be passable, after all, it's more about looking presentable, although various societies and social classes do hold to irrationally strict dress codes and mannerisms, a structure that the girl finds no sense in.

    Her biggest concern will certainly be the men, since a ball naturally would draw young men to want to dance with her, something she's awful at, not to mention she seems to draw the attention of men in general, likely due to her curvaceous figure, which due to her modesty, often made interactions with the opposite sex very uncomfortable, and the only method she has to get men away from her is to be socially dismissive, an often accidental skill due to her poor social skills, but reliable nonetheless, or for the persistent bunch, a few broken bones and a foot to the crotch usually did the trick. Then there's the matter of the "invisible man" Xoxaa heard about who'll likely also attend the ball. A male with that kind of power is sure to have perverted intentions, and to make things worse, she hasn't met that particular card holder, and for all she knows, he may be a peeping tom and has perhaps spied on her several times, granted she rarely stays barely or completely undressed in a place where others can see unless they were to sneak in to wherever she was undressed. The matter of the invisible man doesn't bother her too much though, as if she ever learns his face and uncovers any evidence he may have engaged in perverted behavior towards anyone, especially her, she would make sure to clobber him and force him to find someone else to heal his injuries rather than assist him with her recuperative powers, even if her sector head or higher-ups went after her.

    "Don't worry," replies the young woman's superior, smiling in support and likely to comfort her younger companion. "I have dress shirts, pants, and shoes you'll be able to borrow, but I'll have to get you a properly tailored longcoat at some point; perhaps made with material that's easy to clean..."

    Her considerate gesture causes the girl to briefly reflect on the woman's kind offering, turning her head towards the woman with an appreciative smile on her face.

    "Oh thanks! Uhm..." she pauses briefly in thought before continuing, "Are you sure you don't have anything other than just pants or shirts? I, uh... I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything, but... uhm..." tilting her head around and dipping her gaze downward as they walked. "I like that sort of formal wear the least... Uhm..."

    She continues to struggle with her words, wrestling with her discomfort over the woman's potential negative reaction to what might seem as rejecting the older woman's generous response to her concerns. However, the moment is short lived, as Xoxaa experiences an epiphany of sorts.

    "Oh, hey! Do you think I can get by with a simple dress or a nice shirt and maybe a skirt to go with it, or might that be too casual?" sharing her plot with the older woman, her tone notably more enthusiastic. "By the way, I'm not too in to those longcoat things, if that's ok, but thanks for making the offer."

    Their discussion continues as they traverse the wilder landscape of the island, but the untamed terrain soon ends, the two reunited with the cityscape, not too far from the mansion. Still anxious about the time they have left, Xoxaa hopes there might be time to properly prepare for an event she's dreading anyway.
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