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OOC THREAD (-o-) IC FOUND HERE currently there are0 spots open

A new pokémon game has been released, where players can reach every region and battle against each other in a virtual reality MMORPG called Monster Art Online. Using a helmet called the NerveGear, players lose control over their real bodies and trick their brains to believe that they have another body inside the game. 10 000 players managed to get a copy on the release date. However, shortly after they entered the game, it was discovered that it was impossible to log out. The creator of the game appeared as a giant Deoxys in the sky above each region and declared that they had to finish the game in order to return to the real world. To finish, they had to beat all the gym leaders and become the Champion of their region. They couldn't reach other regions. But there was a catch... If they whited out in the game, the NerveGear would kill them in the real world. As families and authorities realized this and the bodies of the players were moved to hospitals, the players inside the game had to decide what to do. Play it safe and hope for rescue... or take a chance?

About The Game

Out of 10 000 players, about 1700 chose to start in Johto. That's the region where you started as well. Many players panicked and stayed in New Bark or Cherrygrove without daring to venture further. Others started to fight onwards, either solo or in groups, to make the journey across Johto, beat all the gym leaders and eventually reach the pokémon League. The game designers meant for it to take several months to beat though...

Since it is a game, pokémon have levels and a limit to number of moves they can learn. You can keep track of levels on your own, or you can choose to just have them in the background. The limit for moves is 6. Pokémon also have set natures and abilities, but otherwise they seem really alive and real, just as everything else in the game. When they get hurt, their wounds appear to leak red "data" rather than blood. The same goes for when you get hurt. They evolve by the same mechanisms as in the old games, except that trading is not necessary.

Cities retain their old landmarks and key buildings and people, but they are bigger, more like real cities and villages. NPCs seem alive and real enough, even though vendors and nurses at pokémon Centers can appear a bit repetitive. Quest givers are generally well programmed though and won't repeat the exact same words to different players. Time inside the game passes at the same speed as in the real world, with day and night passing by realistically. Players communicate in English.

You can pull up the menu with a thought or voice command. From there, you can reach your pokémon party, your bag, your friends list and some other things. Except the log out button, which is simply missing. You can send messages and items to other players if you are friends with them. To trade pokémon you will need to be at a pokémon Center, though.

When The Roleplay Starts

One week has passed. Most players are still lingering in New Bark or Cherrygrove, but some have reached Violet City and are about to challenge Falkner. Some have already whited out; the number of players in Johto has gone down to 1674. You are in either of these cities or out in route 29, 30 or 31. It's a free game with lots of possibilities, but the main goal is clear. No one really knows if there is a time limit to how long their bodies can survive in the real world...


(-o-) Obey the regular PC and RP Corner rules.
(-o-) Rating is T, since there is no gore in MAO and since descriptions of violence and romance should be kept on a decently tasteful level.
(-o-) Bunnying is only allowed when agreed upon beforehand between players.
(-o-) Do not godmod. It's no fun if a player is completely unbeatable or evolves all their pokémon early on.
(-o-) You can capture pokémon without the need for the GM's approval. Exceptions might arise, but you'll notice them.
(-o-) When you want to enter a new area, wait for the GM to describe it first.
(-o-) At first you will only have one main character. Later on you might be allowed to make a second one. At all times, you are allowed to make up either in-game NPCs or other in-game players though!
(-o-) If you didn't read the info under "About the game", go back and do it, lazy.

Sign-Up Sheet

Real Name:
Real Age:
Real Gender:
History: (include where on Earth you live)

Avatar Name:
Avatar Age:
Avatar Gender:
Avatar Appearance: (you can provide images, but please describe in text as well)
Starter Pokémon: (just about any non-evolved, non-legendary pokémon. Only use moves they would naturally learn by leveling up. They do not have to be learned in order though!)

Roleplay Sample: (provide a post from another RP you've been in. As recent as possible, but it should still reflect how you are planning to post in this RP. If you really have no sample post, type something up on the spot to show off!)

Accepted Players


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