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Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
This looks absoloutely amazing! I would definitely enter, but I'm already really busy with other roleplays. Nice work RHCP, your roleplays are always outstanding.
Thanks, though you praise me far too much :p Maybe if you get more time on your hands in the future, you'll come join us~

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
This looks like a really interesting RP, I'd like to reserve a spot please if possible! :)

Real Name: William Clark
Real Age: 16
Real Gender: Male
Personality: On first glance many describe him as somewhat arrogant and abrasive, but those that know him are well aware of Will's kind-hearted nature and ability to inspire others. Having never been good at making friends, Will's natural reaction to new faces is to be as intimidating as possible until they prove their worth as otherwise they'd likely just disappoint him; those that are close to him however know all about this front and have learnt to ignore the rude comments often sent their way. Will is a naturally shy boy who'll do his best to stay away from others, historically leading him into a plethora of awkward situations when he's left alone to deal with huge tasks, but he'd never be brave enough to ask for help since to him that'd just be showing his weakness. His parents try to make him socialise with the neighbourhood kids by offering treats and rewards but this effort is wasted as if anything it only makes him want to stay away from others even more. He doesn't hate his parents by any means, but he has a natural affinity to doing the opposite of what they say, most recently being showcased by their pleas for him not to try on the NerveGear due to the nature of it taking over your brain and re-wiring all of your nerve connections; if only he'd learnt to listen to them. He was in too much of a rush to pay attention to their warnings since waiting around was never Will's style - he always felt it made life far too boring. Since entering MAO, Will has stayed clear of other players where possible and has done his best to keep up a good pace of training whilst growing a surprisingly strong bond with his parter Pokémon, but on the inside he knows that none of this is real and has been doubting the promise of death upon whiting out in-game; he's certainly not willing to risk finding out though.
History: (include where on Earth you live)

Avatar Name:
Avatar Age:
Avatar Gender:
Avatar Appearance:
Starter Pokémon: (just about any non-evolved, non-legendary pokémon)

Roleplay Sample: (provide a post from another RP you've been in. As recent as possible, but it should still reflect how you are planning to post in this RP. If you really have no sample post, type something up on the spot to show off!)
Certainly, you are reserved.
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