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    Tucking Eevee firmly between her arms, Willow twitched her shoulder back, readjusting her backpack nestled between her shoulder blades, before flashing a smile at her Pokémon. So ok she was going to get lunch with a boy whom she had only just met and seemed to study things, whether that was Pokémon or humans. But it could be worse. He seemed nice enough and his Pokémon seemed to like him which was always a good sign. Not to mention he hadn’t tried to beat, steal or murder her which was always a good start, despite the blank face.

    Eevee looked up her, his hazel gaze meeting hers before he mewed happily and wiggled down, settling for the trip. It was warm here in her arms and welcome break from the never ending sand which kept getting into his pads, nipping him uncomfortably. However his comfort was short lived. As he curled up, wrapping his bushy tail about himself like a scarf, a cold, wet, jet of water hit the back of Willow’s scruffy head.

    The cold water on contact snatched her breath away, as it drenched her clothes which had only just begun to dry. The newly added moister seeping down her hoodie, through to her top and shorts. Letting out a cry of surprise, she sprang forwards in a pathetic attempted to get away from whatever it was that had sprayed her, but this only resulted on yet another stream of water to appear, this time aimed at her legs.

    “hey!” Willow yowled as the cold water bit her bare skin. “so uncool!”
    Giving up on her retreat, she span on her kneels, half expecting to see the kids from the rock pools with water guns. The sight that met her eyes, however, was just as amusing. There, just a little way down the beach from her and her company stood a line of clamperl, shells still glistening with residue water from their previous submersion.

    “OOoh pretty!” Willow gasped, her mouth dropping open as she took in their small form with admiration. Eevee who had been protected from most of the spray by his trainers arms, peered out from his safe heaven, before letting out a playful yap and jumping down from her arms. More Pokémon to play with!
    His joy was short lived though, as three jets flew towards him and knocked him back with a terrified yelp. When the water ceased, it revealed a soggy looking brown mop of fur, dark eyes glaring out from beneath a water logged fringe.

    Upon seeing this however willow burst out laughing, clutching her ribs as her legs buckled under her, sending her to the sandy floor with a bump.
    “Jinxsey! Nice new look boy! Gotta be in for the wet season” she giggled, clamping a hand over her mouth as she laughed more. Jinxsey simply continued to glare at the pokemon before he let out a low growl and slowly stepping forward. The clamperl stayed putted though, their expression all of mirth as they met Jinsxey’s glare with their own.
    Willow, when hearing the growl, stopped abruptly. Figuring that perhaps now wasn’t the best time to laugh. She’d have plenty of time afterwards anyway. Still sitting on the floor, she glanced up Gau through her own sodden hair, twigs drooping sadly in the tangled mess.

    “three against one is hardly a fair fight” she smiled, just as a fresh batch of water jets exploded forth from the clams, this time aimed at Gau.
    Within this split second however, willow shouted to Jinxsey the command to tackle, her logic being that while the pokemon were busy focused on her company, they wouldn’t be looking out for the mushy fur ball speeding towards them.

    Jinxsey didn’t need telling twice, ears twitching towards his trainers voice, he bounded forward, his paws treading slightly on the sand under foot as he shot towards his target.

    Wet fur streaming out behind him, he aimed towards the furthest left target whose focus was souly on spraying both trainers. Letting an opportunistic, wolfish grin to appear on his small face, the small Eevee bolted down the sand, before coming into range and jumping forward. Slamming his shoulder against the hard shell of the Clamperl with a heavy thud, he thrust the surprised Pokémon backwards, tumbling into the sand with spluttering squeal as he let out a triumphant bark, which echoed down the beach.Before attention of the remaining two Pokémon, turned on him.

    Jinxsey glowered bitterly at the remaining two, but a gulp tugged at his throat as he eyed the two left. He was perhaps not prepared for two on one fight he admitted to himself but he was in too deep to back out now.

    Up and down the beach, the happy shouts and murmur of chatter ceased as the commotion of battle took flight. Everyone’s eyes transfixed on the scene with the up most attention, that it almost made Willow blush and shy away.

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