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    Originally Posted by peterrr1997 View Post
    Hi i just tried to get a cleanse tag. I had given the mail to that girl where I could get the cleanse tag but she only said: YeÏh! Thank you!
    You need to go left from Platepics City via Union Gate. Go up with Mach Bike and give the girl a Dream Mail. If you did everything right and you still don't have Cleanse Tag it must be a bug. I didn't have an issue getting it.
    After that Cleanse Tag is used in abandoned houses in Platepics to summon a ghost pokemon according to the version you're playing.

    Does anyone know what the Favor Lady in Teaes pokemon center want? She says she likes slippery things. I gave her a pearl. She said "thanks" I think but didn't give me anything. Is that supposed to be like that or did I give her the wrong item?
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