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Gau had begun to follow his new found friend towards the town when he saw her and her pokemon get hit by jets of water turning quickly to see three clamperl revelling in the mayhem they were causing. A jet came towards Gau which he sidestepped but he couldn’t avoid the next one which knocked him to the ground next to Willow. Teddiursa on the other hand, had become animated at the launch of the jet jumping from Gau’s pack to ground as her trainer crashed to the ground.
“Teddiursa!” the pokemon shouted, angry at the sudden attack.
Willow had risen quicker than Gau and had her Eevee attack the trio of shelled pokemon but the furry pokemon was being overwhelmed by its foes. Gau got up next to Willow and observed the situation. The three water-types didn’t appear to be particularly strong and were very slow moving pokemon. He knew that the two of them, could use this to their advantage in some way...
“They’re slower than our pokemon and can’t manoeuvre as well but have better defence” he said so Willow could hear “we should concentrate our attacks on one of the end one’s and use it as a living shield so it will take hits from the other clamperl also” Gau suggested calmly to Willow and to Teddiursa.
Gau felt out of place telling others what to do and was curious as to how both his pokemon and the trainer besides him would react, but that moment was not the time for self-doubt nor was it time to be recording his observations, he could do that after the battle. He gathered his will power for the battle and prepared for his first battle as a trainer.
“Teddiursa, run past the two closest to us and attack the third Clamperl from the far side with scratch” commanded Gau, showing little of the elation he actually felt
“Teddi!” the pokemon replied as it darted across to the water pokemon that was focused intently on Jinxey. Teddiursa slashed at the exposed, pearl-like body of the clamperl with silvery claws before it could hit her with an attack. She was composed but Gau could tell she was enjoying their firt battle together, even if it involved another trainer. Teddiursa hit the clam pokemon and then ducked down using its body to hield herself from a water gun attack that came from behind her target. Gau watched this with intense interest before glancing at Willow from the corner of his eye, he was curious to see if the more rash trainer would follow his lead or take her own path, and hoped she would follow his advice. He was after all, native to Sandgem and had a very good knowledge of the pokemon in the area.