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Which, in your opinion, were the top 5 (or 10 if you can think of that many) battles from the anime series and movies? There have certainly been some good ones.

Mine are below...

1. Ash vs Paul (D/P)
2. Mew vs Mewtwo (First Movie)
3. Charizard vs Entei (Unnown Movie)
4. Ash vs May [Sceptile vs Blaziken] (Battle Frontier I think)
5. Dawn Vs Zoe (D/P)
6. Dialga vs Palkia vs Darkrai (Rise of Darkrai)
7. Ash vs Gary (Silver Conference)
8. Ash vs Harrison (Silver Conference)
9. Lugia vs Zapdo, Articuno and Moltres (Second Movie)
10. Ash vs Ritchie (Kanto)

I think I got my series right... Looking forward to seeing your opinions

Honourable mention to Ash vs The Samurai (Kanto) haha
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