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    Oda Baldotter
    "I will be able to ask one of the maids to lend you something more in your tastes." Oda offered the young woman, at her refusal of those clothes. In her experience, most women in Sword Sector preferred to wear outfits that were practical instead of the more feminine attire that would have been considered normal, but it seemed that Xoxaa was a fair bit more girly than she'd seemed before. Perhaps it was because of her focus on social norms and a desire to fall in line with them, or just a preference for such things, but Oda was no psychologist, and just offered the next best thing.

    As they walked through the cityscape and further towards the mansion, she took note of the citizens who were returning to their daily lives, albeit slowly. A panic was never good for the elderly, young or sick, but the island had great Doctors that would be able to calm them down once the situation was handled. Perhaps there should have been some form of announcement for the populace, to assure them that all of the thieves had been apprehended, but this was not Oda's role either, so she continued to the courtyard in front of the mansion.

    The doors of the Famiglia mansion opened by the hand of the maids to allow its two members entry. Sure enough, their eyes widened ever so slightly at the sight of Oda, before looking over her for any potential changes. There never were any, and they should have known it by now, and the two frilly-dressed teens shared a look. While one approached Oda with a smile and bouncing pgitails, the other swiftly fetched a wet rag and presented it to Xoxaa.

    "Hello, Mistress Baldotter." The pigtailed maid greeted with a curtsey before Oda, leaning around slightly to check for any markings across the sides of her coat before once again smiling. "Would you care for an ear to listen to, today? It must have been stressful with the thieves and...and..." She stammered off at the sight of Xoxaa's bloodstained torso, before regaining her composure wit another smile. "A massage? You must have been in a lot of fights; perhaps a back massage?"

    "No." Oda stated firmly, meeting the maid's eyes although she knew it would do no good, even if she had the heart to intimidate the young woman. The fact that her Arcana Mark was sprawled across her back was, unfortunately, common knowledge amongst the tricky little servants. "Though thank you for the offer, Gem." She gave a brief glance to Xoxaa and arched in eyebrow, waiting for denial or acceptance of her offer of acquiring clothing from the maid.
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