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    Here is Part III


    Immediately the stadium erupted into hushed whispers. Most of the stadium had no idea what Ophelia just demanded. The few that did were even more shocked by her audacity. Even the commentator Buena was struck silent as she tried to figure out what was going on. Miles thought about it for a few seconds and with a smile gave a response.

    “I accept your challenge.”

    The hushed whispers erupted into full out confusion as more people wanted to know what was going. Back in the commentator box, Buena was having a heated discussion with tournament organize Heather Bergeron who was flipping through a Rule Book before scurrying away downstairs.

    “Umm, I just spoke to Tournament officials. An Aerial battle is a rare form of pokemon battling where trainers mount their flying pokemon and battle IN THE AIR! The first pokemon to fall to the ground is disqualified from the round and then the battle will proceed under standard rules. However, it is not entirely sure whether this challenge is even legal…we’ll get back to you about that in a minute.”

    “INTO THE BATTLER LOBBY. NOW!” Heather Bergeron’s voice hissed from special speakers in both Miles and Ophelia’s commander posts. They withdrew their pokemon back to their pokeballs and moved back as ordered.

    Ophelia was suppressing a huge grin. A trainer as focused on mystique and special powers at Miles Bloodsworth wasn’t cut out for something as gritty as getting on top of a pokemon and battling with it. But she trained with her Tropius in the sky--this would be her moment to shine. That, or to fall ten thousand feet to her death.

    When she arrived in the lobby, Heather was already there looking rather stressed with several other officials surrounding her, including a short, pudgy man in glasses looking feverishly through a book.

    “You two are making my life VERY COMPLICATED!” muttered Heather Bergeron, a tint of her overzealous happiness still in her voice.

    Ophelia smirked. Miles did nothing.

    “Okay--I have reviewed the Statutes and I believe this IS permitted. In fact, this was done nearly fifteen years ago in the Championship Round, and there were no subsequent rule changes that would prevent it!” said the short, pudgy man as he dabbed sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief.

    “THINK ABOUT LIABILITY! We could stand to lose millions from a lawsuit if this battle turns one of them into sidewalk pancakes,” cried a suited man, obviously from the Legal Department.

    “Your brash insensitivity aside, we signed waivers for a reason,” snapped Ophelia.

    “What the Hell is going on, Heather! I’m not fit to referee an Aerial battle! I’ve never seen one, and I’m scared of heights!” cried the elderly Referee as he stormed into lobby.

    Heather looked at the screaming people all around her and looked like she was about to explode before another person walked into the room.

    “Not only have I seen an Aerial Battle, I was the one who was in the Aerial Battle in the Championship Battle fifteen years ago.”

    Ophelia recognized the man instantly. It was the very first gym leader she went up against in her journey when she was only thirteen years old. He was Zephyr from Violet City, a very attractive and muscular middle-aged flying-type gym leader who was one of Ophelia’s (although she would never admit it) first crushes. It took her three tries before she finally beat him.

    “Mr. Zephyr, Sir. How nice it is to see you here!” Heather started blushing and grabbed Zephyr’s hand waiting a few seconds before shaking it.

    “I can referee the Aerial battle. My son Falkner is pretty ecstatic to see one at the Silver Cup finally,” Zephyr said.

    “Now hold on--what does the Rule Book say about switching referees in the middle of battles…”

    “It’s fine if the Tournament Official overseeing the battle, namely Heather, finds cause to remove the referee. Official referee licensing isn’t required to be a referee. So install Zephyr for this aerial battle and bring me back for the rest of the match,” the elderly referee muttered, his eyes darting nervously in the air.

    Heather took a moment (of looking at Zephyr) before responding.

    “Okay! We are going to have the first Silver Cup Aerial Battle in fifteen years. My God this battle is going to be one of the best in history. There are some guidelines you must follow though…”


    Nearly fifteen minutes after Ophelia first challenged Miles to the battle, they were finally on the field, attaching saddles provided by Zephyr onto their pokemon’s backs and mounting them. Zephyr was already on the back of his Pidgeot, and two rather nervous cameramen were getting on the back of their Swellows’ to videotape the air battle as it happened.

    Ophelia and her Tropius looked up and down at their opponents. The fifteen minutes had given the Honchkrow ample time to recover from Machamps’ punch, although she wouldn’t be able to use that beak anytime soon. Miles Bloodsworth didn’t nearly as out of place on the back of his pokemon as Ophelia had expected. In fact, he looked very comfortable and serene, flashing Ophelia a defying gaze.

    She also noticed four sagely Kadabra stationed around the corners of the stadium, practicing their Psychic powers by bending spoons with their minds. They were there to prevent anyone from plummeting to their deaths, both pokemon and human. Zephyr and his Pidgeot rose several dozen feet into the air, and the flying gym leader stuck out a large emerald fan into the air.

    “When Zephyr waves his flag, the battle will begin. The first one to reach the flag can begin attacking. The first pokemon to hit the ground is automatically disqualified! This is the first Aerial Battle we have seen in fifteen years folks, with the last winner overseeing the round!”

    With a snap of green, the battle begin.

    Hanging on for dear life, Ophelia gave Tropius a soft tap on the side and it immediately rocketed toward the stadium sky flapping its great leafy wings. Above her, she saw Honchkrow and Miles ahead of them by a dozen feet. There was no getting around that her opponent was faster than her pokemon, but she could find ways to compensate.

    “Anddddd Honchkrow is the first to reach the emerald flag!”

    Immediately the dark bird turned around and, with Miles Bloodsworth clutching the harness around the bird’s neck tightly, the Honchkrow started to flap its wings, forcefully sending sharp gusts of air at Ophelia and Tropius.


    With a gentle purr, the pokemon turned around and gave his trainer a nod, warning her to brace herself for what he was about to do. Ophelia dug her knees tightly into the beast’s sides and wrapped her arms firmly around his neck as he started to spin around madly, forcing himself through the Air Slash attacks with his bulky strength.

    Honchkrow and Miles were taken by surprise when the attack failed to slowdown their opponent. As a result, Miles couldn’t reign in his Honchkrow’s wing flapping in time to get out of the spinning Tropius’s way.


    The bird was struck right in the belly by the flying tree beast. It toppled over in the sky, and Miles‘ legs lost their grip on the saddle, and he dangled desperately in mid-air by the harness. The audience gave a collective gasp--perhaps the battle would be over sooner than they had expected! But the Honchkrow regained its position and Miles got back onto the saddle right in the knick of time.

    “The first blow goes to Ophelia Hardwell and her Tropius! Miles was extremely close to falling off, showing just how dangerous this kind of battle can be.”

    The wind blew Ophelia’s ponytail to her side, and her exposed neck started to burn with the heat of sunlight. She looked up to see the clouds had passed, leaving the blistering sun naked and exposed. This was her opportunity to make up for her slower speed.

    “Tropius, we’re going to go on the Defensive. Keep flying up in the air until I tell you to stop!”

    Ignoring their struggling opponent, they took their opportunity to continue to the rocket toward the sky, with one of the cameramen following close behind her. Within seconds, they heard the screeching caw of the Honchkrow as it began to chase them, a snarling Miles pointing at their direction.

    A sphere of crackling black and purple energy began to form at the bird’s crown as it opened it’s mouth and gave another screeching caw. Within seconds, the Shadow Ball hurtled toward Ophelia and Tropius. They successfully barrel-rolled in mid-air to doge the attack, although Ophelia almost lost her grip on the harness.

    “They’re starting to get out of the stadium, folks! But if Honchkrow has it’s way, it won’t be for long! If you look closely, those black rings coming from his mouth is a Dark Pulse attack! Not as easy to dodge!”

    Honchkrow moved his crown back and forth, sending dozens of dark rings from multiple direction towards its opponent. They tried in vein to barrel roll their way out of the attack before one of the rings struck the Tropius in one of its legs.


    It was a small blow, but a painful one. The Tropius stopped rocketing into the sky and floated in mid-air as it took a moment to recover.

    “Okay, they’re on our tail, you got to turn around and face them. I know we’ll go slower, but if they hit us once, we’re done for,” Ophelia muttered into her Tropius’s ear, giving it another soft smack on the side.

    They swerved around in mid-air to face their opponent, who was opening his beak ready to fire another Dark Pulse attack. Tropius continued to ascend in the air awkwardly, but as he flapped his great branchy wings, they started to shed dozens of magical leaves tinted in neon green and purple light.

    With another awful screech, the Honchkrow fired dozens of black rings from all directions, but Ophelia and her Tropius were prepared this time. As if they were guided by a mystical wind, the leaves sought out each of the rings and collided with them in mid-air, exploding into a beautiful spectacle of flashing bright lights. Tropius managed to avoid the few pulsing dark rings that evaded the magical leaves.

    “The sky is your upper limit, but stay within the stadium perimeter!” Zephyr reminded as he watched the battle with a grin.

    Miles, unaffected by the successful defense, removed one of his arms from the harness and began to rub one his Honchkrow’s wings. It started to glow with a purple dark energy, and they hurtled up through the air at twice their speed directly at Tropius’s exposed belly.

    “Wait for it…” Ophelia whispered into her Tropius’s ear. He was eyeing the outstretched, blazing wing nervously. “NOW, LEAF STORM!”

    He furiously flapped his wings and opened his mouth sending a flurry of hundreds of sharp leaves toward Honchkrow’s blazing wing. As soon as the Leaf Storm struck, the Honchkrow jerked itself back shaking its injured wing in agony as Miles hurriedly grasped onto the harness again.

    “Honchkrow gets it again! And Tropius continues to race for the clouds! Keep your eyes on the video screen because your eyes can’t see nothing but dots now! I bet those two trainers are wishing they wore their jackets now…”

    Ophelia and Tropius took their opportunity and turned back around and continued to rocket up towards the sky. Although it was getting colder, the sunshine was becoming brighter and she could feel her pokemon becoming warmer as it started to feast on the power of light. Tropius became faster as he flew towards the sun, Zephyr’s Pidgeot and the cameraman’s Swellow struggling to keep up. Ophelia started laughing as she eyed the fluffy, cotton-like bottoms of the clouds above her. It was almost childish how she was about to touch the sky.


    The pesky dark bird was on their tail again, opening its beaks for another Dark Pulse attack. Ophelia knew her Tropius was going too fast to counter the attack in time…and this attack would be a dead on game-finishing hit. She needed to pierce the clouds, and victory would be hers. She was battling in the sky, there was no excuse to hold back on creativity now. She plucked one of the yellow bananas hanging from her pokemon’s neck and hurled it at the Honchkrow.


    “…If I’m not mistaken, I think I just saw Ophelia throw a banana at the Honchkrow’s face…”

    Miles reached over and wiped the remains of the fruit off his pokemon’s cheek. He growled at the cheap move. She threw a piece of fruit like a common Aipom! But she would pay for it in due time.

    Ophelia almost expected the clouds to be hard as rocks, but they passed through them like a thin silk curtains. The sun was shining brightly now, and her Tropius was beaming white with solar energy, twice as fast as when their flight first began. They turned around in mid-air and looked down waiting for their opponent to pierce the clouds.

    It only took a second, and Ophelia responded immediately.



    Before Honchkrow and Miles could even ascend from the clouds, the glowing Tropius opened its mouth wide firing a huge white ray of solar energy right at the beast’s chests. Ophelia closed her eyes shut to avoid the blinding glare of the light, her teeth chattering wildly at the icy winds whipping at her face.

    In a dazzling burst of light on feather, the beam struck the beast squarely in the chest. It outstretched its wings and gave a great caww before closing its eyes and plummeting straight back into the stadium with a poor Miles holding on for his dear life. Zephyr and one of the cameramen immediately dove back into the stadium chasing after the fallen pokemon.

    Ophelia nuzzled her freezing face into her pokemon’s warm body, secretly hoping that the battle was about the draw to a close.

    “Ophelia took her Tropius right into the heart of the Sun where it didn‘t have to charge a Solarbeam attack! Honchkrow was hit right on for the third time, I don‘t know if he can make it out of this one folks.”

    Miles’ shielded his eyes with one of his arms as he struggled to keep the wind from tearing his face apart. He had never gone more fast in his life as they free fell into the heart of the stadium. But he had to put his own discomfort aside as he put his hand on this Honchkrow’s head, quietly begging the pokemon to return to consciousness.

    They were back in the stadium now, a few hundred feet away from becoming sidewalk pancakes, as the lawyer so affectionately put it. The Kadabras took position, ready to soften the fall. But within seconds of impact, his Honchkrow began to stir again.

    Back in the sky Ophelia kept her eyes shut but her ears open, waiting for what was next. Zephyr declaring Honchkrow fainted and her the winner, or the worse option…

    She could hear the faint caw of the dark bird from the distance.

    “My God, that thing can take a hit well,” she muttered under her breath.

    She gave her Tropius another smack on the side, alerting its attention to the return of its foe. They glared down at the clouds, ready for another solar beam to finish the job. With a loud shriek, Zephyr’s Pidgeot was the first to pierce the clouds and it immediately swerved well away from the Tropius’s path as they solemnly waited for what would come next.

    Ophelia’s heart sank as she saw the fluffy, candy-like clouds become tinted with a black light. The Honchkrow burst through the clouds, an enormous sphere of black and purple crackling electricity formed at its beak. It was the largest Shadow Ball attack Ophelia had ever seen, the size of a small car, an attack that was being prepared in their entire flight towards the clouds.

    More thoughts went through Ophelia’s head in that single second than it ever did in her history of battling. If she fired a solar beam, it would create a disastrous explosion. Her Tropius was too heavy to dodge in time. Or was it…


    Ophelia let go of the harness and leaped off her Tropius, who rocketed up into the air with his boosted solar speed, dodging the gargantuan shadow ball attack with only the heels of his back feet painfully burned by the attack. Ophelia gave a wild cry of adrenaline as she started falling through the clouds and down to the stadium, her arms and legs outstretched as if she was making a snow angel.


    She could hear the faint “NO!” of Zephyr, and the collective gasps of the audience in the stadium below. But she trusted her Tropius. Within seconds, he came hurtling from the clouds, leaving a dazzling trail of bright light as he flew to save his master. About two dozen feet below the clouds, he swerved under Ophelia’s free falling body and (with a painful thud) she landed back on her pokemon’s body, hastily grabbing onto the harness and digging her knees into his side as they returned to the clouds, to finish the battle.

    She had expected nothing less than to receive payback for her sneak attack. No sooner than when their heads pierced the clouds, she saw the Honchkrow waiting with a huge sphere of orange light in front of his face, prepared to blast.



    The two colossal beams of bright white light collided in the air. Ophelia closed her eyes and hugged her Tropius tightly. The competing beams exploded into a massive wave of energy that burst through the sky, a shining white dot to the spectators below. It enveloped both pokemon and both trainers. And then, they fell.

    Miles and Ophelia looked peaceful as they plummeted back to the stadium, unconscious and with their unconscious pokemon not far away from them. One of the cameramen was also ensnared in the explosion, and he too was falling, his camera fried to bits.

    Zephyr divebombed after them, desperately trying to stop at least one of their falls. But with the combined force of the explosion and the sheer distance of the fall, he could never keep up. The stadium was filling with a growing panic as they watched the dots in the sky grow larger and larger as they plummeted towards the ground.


    Heather and several other tournament officials hastily summoned several other Psychic pokemon to the field, ready to avoid any deaths or even worse, liability lawsuits.

    The Psychic pokemon on the ground acted in unison. All of their eyes glowed rainbow and they looked towards the top of the stadium. A large web of interlocking rainbow lights appeared within a second above the stadium and as human and pokemon fell through the web, they started to glow pink and became under the control of one of the Psychic pokemon.

    It was a success. Miles, Ophelia, and one of the cameramen along with all of their pokemon were lowered safely on the ground of the field, to the wild applause and cheers of the audience members.

    “Honchkrow and Tropius are both unable to battle! The battle is a tie!” Zephyr cried with a heavy pant of relief that everyone managed to land safely.

    Within seconds, medical officials swarmed the field to the unconscious trainers…
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