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    Cross-overs are odd. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. It depends on the franchises that are crossed together, in my opinion, and how well said franchises compliment each other. (They don't have to be similar.) Of course, designing the game to deliver a cross over worthy of praise and attention is hugely important as well. Which brings me to my favorite and least favorite cross overs...

    My favorite is Marvel vs Capcom 3, although incidentally my least favorite would be Street Fighter x Tekken. Why, pray tell, would a Marvel x Capcom crossover manages to become better than Street Fighter x Tekken despite making much more sense? Because SFxT was poorly designed, with absolutely huge flaws in its mechanics and marketing that put shame into Tekken. As a fighting game fan I was, naturally, excited to have two kings crossed over like that but ended up with disappointment when I was greeted with such a poor game. Marvel vs Capcom 3 while also flawed as a fighting game, managed to deliver with great elements and many fan service, and mechanics that are ultimately fun but very difficult to master.

    Generally I don't like cross overs because they are rarely executed well, and even if they were I still view them as any other game with a strange concept. Odd crossovers are probably the best, rather than obvious ones.

    Originally Posted by darkpokeball View Post
    My least favorite? Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. Don't get me
    wrong, it's a good game(and it has two sequels.) But it's freaking MARIO
    and SONIC. Two videogame giants! In an Olympics Game?!
    So much potential... Sure, Sonic appeared in SSBB which was fun, but it was
    only him. No Tails or Knux, just one guest star from the Sonic-verse. I would
    like to see the SOnic and Mario franchises have an actual crossover with a
    Sonic-style storyline...
    How would you design the game though? Sonic right now isn't big enough to star an adventure with Mario, and honestly it's a poor idea generally wished by fans blinded by how great it sounds on paper. A Sonic-style story line will make things only worse, as well. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is fundamentally a solid game, with a simple concept (like it should) and a great way to have fun with friends or family. Of course that was before it got a storyline with questionable writing.

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