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Mind games? Actually I see it as a sign of giving up because, really, if they can't beat the dead-last Espanyol (now up to 19th thanks to that point!), the team which has conceded the most goals against Real Madrid in the Liga's history, with a 27-0 in the last 7 years, if they can't beat them this year at home, well, I can't see them winning the league. No way. Period. Unless they buy United over the winter transfer season or something, and that'd be kind of pointless since they only really want to win the CL now (and I'm pretty sure disaster will be coming for them this Thursday).

But this is pointless anyway. The question is: how is a team with an almost-perfect scorecard (15 wins, one draw) going to drop 9 points of a sudden? Or 13 if Madrid wants to be back in play. After coming back from a 2-1 against Sevilla in the 89th minute and other similarly ridiculous over-the-line wins, it's hard to figure how they can lose that much. And Rangers don't play in La Liga sooo.

Mind games? It truly sounds like Real are imploding and the rumours abour Mourinho being sacked in the following two months are louder than ever before. Usually the mind games involved putting pressure on their rivals. This year, except for that line (which was used by Pep last year as well- and guess what, Barcelona lost as expected), Mourinho has been insulting his team and the press. That's not mind games, that's something worse.

Or better, depending from where you are looking :D
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