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Originally Posted by Khazadar View Post
Rating: 8/10
The map is nice, but the rock placement makes it look a bit messy. Lots of rocks on the right side of the mountain part, but none on the left side. The map in general is too stuffy, as you have almost no room to move. Also, look at the upper right side of the map where it goes from rocky to grassy. See the how bad that looks? Fix that, and you got yourself an awesome map!


Map Maker: Khazadar
Map Name: Verdant City
ROM: Pokémon Delta
Tileset: Pokémon Fire Red Titles.
Description: It's a starting city, because I'm tired of the small starting towns. you start in the house longest to the left, and move down to get to the next town. When you get surf, you get the chance to battle the rocket grunt in front of the water to cross the water and continue through the cave. There is no official poke center in this city as you enter your own house for healing.
Image: Separate file
Rated map:

Rating: 7/10 :-)

Reason: Well, first off, props for making a starting city that's different to the average starting city. I like how you essentially 'unlock more' as you progress through the game- it's a pretty cool idea. I like the urban theme to it too, and the layout is pretty good. Having said that, I do think sometimes the trees etc. stand out a bit too much against the urban tiles, and maybe you could find something to fill their space instead- perhaps small, non-enter-able houses? You could try maybe expanding the lower section too so it's a bit taller to compensate. I just think the bottom bit is a tad bland at the moment since there's not much too it- the other sections seem fine however.

Suggestions: Less greenery mixed in with the urban tiles.
More space at the bottom.



Map Name: Cobblestone City

Map Game: Pokemon FireRed

Comments: This is where the first Gym (look to my signature and avatar for the Gym Leader ;D) is. It is one of the first more urban-like cities in my hack, and it is pretty evident. To the north-east is an old, abandoned and apparently rumored-to-be haunted mansion. The Gym Leader likes to visit the mansion and play games with her friends there, being quite young and immature. The city has a refined taste that is hopefully expressed through the map, while still having quite a rocky and natural influence to it, hence the name.

I am planning to add my own tiles at some point, so the old FireRed tiles are mostly just placeholders at the moment.