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Aerous Oxus

The warm water rolled down Aerous face, meeting the foamy soap bubbles that were forming along his chest and arms as he scrubbed himself trying to get clean for the nights upcoming activities. I must be clean for the ball! He thought to himself as he he grabbed the shampoo and squeezed an unneeded amount onto the top of his head. Closing his eyes he began vigorously rubbing and massaging the shampoo into his scalp. It quickly expanded as he rubbed, covering his entire face with in seconds. Did I just hear something? Nah, no one would be in my room. He thought sticking his head under the water to wash away the shampoo. Without opening his eyes he fumbled around, finding the conditioner and poured it into his hair, finishing off his hair care for the week. After washing off all the foam and soap from his efforts to make himself presentable Aerous just hung his head under the shower head, enjoying the warm water for a few moments. Ahhh, I really should get out now. After a few more seconds of procrastination he made the decision to step out of the shower. After drying himself with his towel he threw it over his shoulders looked at the spot he left his clothes.

Where are my clothes? He thought looking at the table where his clothes had been slightly confused.”Didn't I leave my clothes there?” He said to himself walking up to the table and patting down the spot where he had last seen his clothes. After scanning his room for any sign of them he left his room to look for them, still naked with only his towel over his shoulders, forgetting completely about his wardrobe which had 5 clean suits, these were also the reason he had a shower as they weren't dirty like the set he was now looking for. Without running into anyone he managed to make his way outside into the garden in his search, to no avail. He stopped near a tree and surveyed his surroundings, wondering what happened to his clothes, still oblivious to the fact that he should be wearing a clean suit from the wardrobe.

As he made his way back inside he walked past a few confused looking guards and a maid whom seemed to stare at him for a little bit. Turning a corner he realised where he was, to his shock. I entered the wrong building while looking around, this is where the siblings live... Look Cammy is back. He though as he saw Camellia step out of her room, followed by Ari. They had their backs to him as he approached, both turning as they heard his footsteps. “Hello Cammy! How are you? Hi to you as well Ari.” He greeted happily as he grew closer to the pair. They both turned around and looked at him, Cammy began blushing and Ari began snickering, though also turning slightly red.
“Ah, Did you forget that you had a wardrobe of clean clothes Aerous?” Camellia asked, looking at Ari after she finished.
“Oh yeah! I forgot about that, thanks! I couldn't find my clothes when I got out of the shower so I went looking for them. I best go get dressed for the ball now!” He answered, walking past the two to the exit to get back to his room.

After a few more minutes he ended back up in his room to, throwing open his wardrobe to see 5 sets of clean suits, much to his pleasure. Fantastic! Now I can get dressed and finish getting ready for the ball. Dressing himself carefully he took a seat on the edge of his bed and stretched his arms, waiting for the guards to come get him for his bodyguard duty. Still unaware that he had just roamed around a large portion of the estate naked, with only a towel wrapped around his shoulders.
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