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    Julyanne watched the scene before her with a mix of bemusement and amusement. Perched on a rock, out of the way of the waves and any mischievous Pokemon, she actually saw what transpired to lead to this predicament.

    Three Pokemon, the kind she often sees despite being from another region, blasted two unfortunate trainers with water. And unfortunate they are, in Julyanne's opinion.

    The girl looked like she was dragged into the forest as punishment for putting gum into a spoiled princess's (and her) hair with nothing but a knife and a single empty Pokeball. Her quite messy hair looks more wild with her outfit, very different from the girls she met so far.

    The guy with her... well, put together, they look like they're from the opposite end of the spectrum. Compared to the girl who really stands out and her exuberant personality, this guy looks so dull. His color scheme doesn't help in that regard. Is his hair a natural color?

    She is broken out of her musing when her sister tugged her sleeve to point at the battle. She must be mesmerized by the Clamperl. She, however, focused on the peculiar boy and ragged girl.

    Both are trainers, she observed. She didn't see from this far-away, but they both have brown Pokemon with them. Wait, those two are from the lab earlier! They're already getting into trouble this early in their journey? Feeling a headache forming, she turned back to the ocean and clutched the Egg-in-a-glass closer to herself, rubbing her forehead lest it crease.

    Julyanne suddenly felt shifting around her, forcing her to look at the disturbance. She was alarmed however when she noticed that her sister is off the rock and neared the battle to take a closer look. She would have chased after her, but she stopped in the perimeter the crowd is giving the combatants.

    Biting her lower lip, she adjusted her cap and kept an eye out for her sister and the battle, her legs folded neatly with the ankles crossing, and her arms on her lap, the egg on the flat rock beside her.