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    Willow nodded as Gau instructed her. Sure she could be hard headed at times but she recognised skill when it was there and at this moment in time there was no point ignoring it. With her Pokémon outnumbered greatly, she had to use what she could to her advantage.

    “Jinx! Back around for sand attack, make this one count bubby!” she ordered smiling, as the small fox jumped to meet her commands, with an eager grin.
    The small, damp Eevee sprang forwards. Delicately weaving across the sand while narrowly dodging random sprays of icy water, before once again coming into range of the clamperl he had attacked earlier. The poor Pokemon already subjected to attacks from Teddiursa and Jinx was now being peppered by clumsy attacks from its fellows too.

    But there was no mercy to be had at this point. His fur was wet and that meant war. Digging his paws deep into the sand, Jinxsey skidded to a shuddering halt, the end result being a tidal wave of golden sand flying up into the air and fly towards clamperl’s open and bare face. Following this without a second thought, Jinxsey then leap forward, sliding across the sand on his belly, as fresh streams of water whizzed over his head. Debris from these jets splattering his coat lightly. Jinxsey didn’t bother to look up at where these jets hit, when an annoyed gurgle bubbled up into the air like crackling oil, answering his question.

    This hiss was the result of what followed. The clamperl, already annoyed from the being pushed backwards by the annoying fur ball of doom, had then when recovering itself to it’s rightful position been the victim of the vicious claws of Teddiursa, as they slashed its naked, exposed insides leaving uncomfortable gashes, red raw across its face. It was then that the Fur Ball came back, this time spitting sand into the already tender scratches and infecting it’s eyes with the golden grains, blurring it’s visions.

    Here was when it realised with painful realisation that it’s joke had gone very wrong with them being at the butt of the jest. As if adding insult to injury, it was then as this thought pasted it’s mind, that fellows clenched it when a fresh blast of freezing cold water.

    Hissing, the clamperl glowered from between the slits in his shell as it closed around him, keeping him safe before he retreated. Abandoning his fellows to finish what they had started together, without so much as a look back.
    Willow almost screamed with joy, as the first clamperl retreated from battle.
    “one down, two to go!” she laughed, spinning on the spot with joy, while Jinx celebrated in his own way, shuffling happily in the spot before another jet reminded him that, his body shield had now retreated from the field, leaving him open to attacks. Letting out a panicked yelp, he was hit, face first with water gun. The sheer force was enough to knock him for two, as his legs buckled and he hit the floor.

    At this yelp Willow was drop back to focus with an equally horrified squeal, jumping back to her fixed position her mind wheeling on how to help her friend. When the stream broke, however, her heart skipped a beat as she watched Jinxsey pulled himself back up from the floor, and puff out his chest, he had fight in him still.

    At this, without letting him become once again an easy target, she instructed Jinx to do the same as before only this time to the second clamperl along, sand-attack peppering Clamperl’s face with granular substance, causing it to burble in disgust, before Jinx hit the floor once again being peppered by water splash backs, not allowing for a repeat of last time.

    From the side lines the battle was going well, the small fox pokemon following the lead of the Teddiursa with nimble twists and turns. But from inside the arena things were looking slightly different.

    Jinxsey’s paws were becoming sore from the sand rubbing against the soft pads of his paw, while his should ached from the tackle he had performed before. Sure it had been effective, enough to buy them some dodging time, but that shell was hard! It had been like bulldozing against an unmoveable wall! But rest was for afterwards and with Willow’s happy shouts, Jinxsey pushed on, Panting in short, hurried breaths after his rather harsh hit. Just a little while longer and Teddiursa and him would have the remaining clamperl running for covering at least he hoped anyway.

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