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Originally Posted by Kanto_Johto View Post
"Because of how Flying types work" - Who's to say Game Freak don't have plans abolish this tradition? We've had one pure Flying type already (albeit a legendary, but still).
Once we have some kind of proof that Game Freak is planning to act otherwise, there's no reason to assume they would have a pure Flying-type Pokemon, much less a starter. Just because one legendary was pure Flying doesn't mean that it's something Game Freak has a pattern of doing.

Sure, the Steel type is overpowered with resistances, but so what? If you decide to choose the Rock type, your rival will be extra challenging. And if you decide to choose the Steel type for yourself, Fighting or Fire type Pokemon could be included amongst the first wild Pokemon you encounter.
There's a reason why the starter Pokemon, while different enough to provide a different playthrough of the game, are somewhat similar in strength. That's not a coincidence.

As for Ground, I don't think one immunity is enough of a reason to reject it as a starter possibility, especially considering that electric types aren't usually encountered until later on in the game.
I agree, that's a weak argument, but it's the only reason I can think of as to why Game Freak wouldn't use that triangle. As far as when electric-types are found, I had a Mareep before the second gym leader in W2. You can get a Shinx in the second route in D/P/Pt. In G/S/HG/SS, there's a Mareep on the route just after the first gym. There are more games where an Electric-type is available before the third gym than not.

In addition, in two regions (Kanto and Hoenn) one of the first 3 Gym Leader is Electric-type. If you go up to the first half of gym leaders, there are 3 regions. It does seem logical that they wouldn't want to start you with a Pokemon that is immune to a Gym Leader entirely.

Obviously Fire/Water/Grass is the most suitable triangle, but it wouldn't be impossible for Game Freak to consider another.
Not impossible but unlikely.

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