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Originally Posted by Rune Alchemist View Post
I really should pay tribute and post here...

I don't think I can contribute to the current discussion though, as I know little about Nintendo games.


I'm planning my own RP, but I'm still polishing my story. What do you guys think of an Anime&Game-themed Warriors Orochi-style world? It's kinda Sandbox-ish with players controlling OCs from different universes who (in the long run) will lead an empire against its enemies.

The players choose who goes against who, so I'm not really sure if it's competitive or cooperative. Plot's flexible enough to accommodate either.

Examples of worlds are: Lyrical Nanoha, Magica Madoka, NasuVerse, Avatar (Legend of Aang), Koei Warriors, Grand Chase, Persona and several more. I even included Harry Potter :laugh: Pokemon is also there, but makes little significant impact.

Naw, the top 5 Main Stream anime isn't included. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail and Dragon Ball characters aren't allowed. For Dragon Ball, I think it's obvious. I have no exposure to B & OP. The knowledge I have of Fairy Tail is only slightly lower than what I have of NasuVerse, but I can't world build around it. -Sweatdrop-

-looks at the long list of worlds- Think it's too much? Maybe I should classify them by class, then worlds...
Hmm...I like the idea. I wouldn't exactly call Dragon Ball mainstream anymore so much as it is "Legendary" or a "Classic", but I do understand your reasoning behind omitting it (though, you could always use pre-Dragon Ball Z, the characters in that were not "blow up with world with a fingertip" strong, and they would be pretty balanced in comparison to other worlds).

The idea could work, but it is a very ambitious idea, and as such, I could see it collapsing quite easily- that's not to say you can't handle it, I'm sure you can, but given the scope of the idea it seems as if it would need quite a bit of careful moderation to make it work out. Still, I love the Warriors series (and crossovers), and I know a have a good deal of knowledge about most of the series you listed, so I'd love to help in any way that I can.
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