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I heard two variations. One, like what you said, where the kids were out of sight. The other, where all kids fit in the washroom (reasonable, as another teacher did the same thing), but she did not (while the other teacher in the other case did) and stood by the door. When the gunman came by she said the kids were in the gym.

The only silver lining, if possible, from this whole situation were the stories of the teachers. Had the children cover their eyes as they walked out of the school. Told them the noise they were hearing was a jack hammer. Protected them. Repeatedly told them that they were loved.

Tried to protect them physically and emotionally.
Even though there are different variations of the Victoria Soto story, they're both pretty much the same gist. And I pray that there will never be an event like this in my time teaching, but if ever it does happens, I only hope I can be half the teacher, or in this case the protector, this woman was.

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