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Originally Posted by Rune Alchemist View Post
I call it mainstream because the next in line that I heard off in my popularity listing is SAO, and I've included it (though only Aincrad) Besides, SAO is kinda new... Because of the anime. The LN started in 2008, I think? Others don't have anything to do with fighting.

I'm working on the concepts so that it doesn't blow up in everyone's faces. Highest stat wise in the worlds I have is Madoka Magica, and that's because the girls there actually use their souls to do magic. Next is Nanoha, but in canon the characters there are Double Letters in rank. OCs should have lower ranks.

Each have their strengths and weaknesses, like how Suikoden characters have the highest Leadership skills with low defense and health, while Grand Chase characters have great Physical skills with mediocre Leadership. In all honesty, Avatar characters are the most balanced, leaning towards being weak as they don't have magic. I didn't include DB because Avatar characters can take their place, with + points as they can bend elements.
Dragon Ball is definitely incredibly popular, but it's because it's not currently trending that I really would consider it "classic" or "legendary" rather than mainstream; but that's not really important.

So what exactly are you going for? You mention "stats" several times, but what relevance does it bear to the actual RP? Are you saying that the RP itself actually uses stats or are you talking about the power capabilities of the characters in terms of their own canons?
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